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Here goes:

1. Get rid of White triangle molding above fireplace.
2. Face fireplace with granite - something with shine..
3. Wallpaper the left and right sides of fireplace - lose shelves- with a pattern that has that red in it. Or if getting rid of red incorporate new color.
4. Hang huge black and white photo above fireplace (or with a large series of art) if using colorful wallpaper. IF not something big, bold colorful.

5. New curtains -I agree they look drab with all that saturated color
6. Remove fireplace molding - too old fashioned - I would try and tie in with molding at attic area

Good luck - beautiful bold fun room! I like your style!

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1/25/12 09:05 PM

I need help!! I have a victorian italinate house which has two rooms with two different chandeliers in them. They both have the same sconces and I want to change them out. Problem is - I don't know what will look go. I am into modern furniture. The one chandelier is gold and rather ornate. The other is also ornate but black. Both have gold ornate sconces with a bare bulb -one that looks like a candle flame (don't know what they are called). Can I put silver with the black? Seems like I should stick with gold with the gold chadelier. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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11/15/10 06:33 PM