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We have a kissaluvs cover it's great for overnights.. PEE only. If you have a BF baby and they poop, it will come gushing out the legs. Granted, that's with prefolds and I haven't tried fitteds.. but with the liquid nature of BF poop.. I can't imagine it'll help.

Wool for Newborns
3/29/11 07:40 PM

I definitely want to seriously limit the number of electronic toys our child has. It seems like everything nowadays is electronic. Even books. Board games are now video games. I just don't want that kind of life. I agree that it can limit the imagination. I am not going to say there will be ZERO electronic toys.. but they will be the minority and not the majority.

"Brains vs. Batteries": What's Your Take?
11/15/10 11:01 AM