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I absolutely agree with ADonuts - the only thing that really works (IMHO) is the plunger. I have tried the baking soda/vinegar solution, taken the trap out, and found it full of a clog of baking soda. The plunger really works. Seriously.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | How to: Naturally Unclog the Bathroom Sink
10/26/08 08:02 PM

I went through a similar problem when my (now) husband and I moved to our house. Our "Mrs. Nextdoor" would openly criticize the across-the-street neighbors for their inter-racial relationship, and asked if my (then) fiance was Jewish, and if we were married. She was also watching over our fence, and monitoring who came ad went from our house. Annoying, creepy and offensive.

I have to agree with Raven, though, that simple kindness can really help, especially when dealing with a lonely, elderly neighbor. We invited her over for coffee, and now we just get a nice, accepting 'hello' when we see her out on the street.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | LA Good Question: Dealing With Nosy Neighbors?
6/23/08 05:04 PM

I am a huge fan of making casseroles in my scanpan - http://www.scanpancookware.com/classic-open-stock-1/stew-sauce-pots-23/. You can sautee the veggies and make the sauce in it, throw in the other ingredients, and pop it in the oven. Plus it is just a great pan in general.

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1/11/08 05:56 AM

I dipped these in chocolate (also from Trader Joe's) and boxed them up for co-worker holiday gifts. So good.

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12/21/07 10:29 AM


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12/12/07 09:19 AM

These are so pretty!

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12/12/07 09:16 AM