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i absolutely LOVE THIS! i serge handmade napkins on a regular basis - my daughter would love to be involved in the process!

Paint a Set of Personalized Dinner Napkins
Quirky Momma

2/8/12 12:56 PM

I spent 7 weeks in the NICU with my 30 weeker and I would have loved gas gift cards - we had to drive back and forth to the NICU 2x a day as my husband and I went separately. Other ideas are to set up a meal list online (foodtidings.come) for when the parents and/or babies come home because when you bring them home the last thing you want to worry about is food! I also would have loved handmade items to decorate the isolette, or things from Etsy, as I'm a very crafty, handmade-loving mama.

It's wonderful of you to want to help and support your friend. Preemie mamas can feel very isolated and alone, and even though you won't understand what she's going through, the fact that you want to be there for her speaks volumes.

Helping From Afar with Preemie Triplets
Good Questions

3/14/11 01:52 PM

i love this one:

and i have yet to try, but want to try this one:

we love baking donuts in our house :)

Looking for a Great Baked Doughnut Recipe
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2/14/11 10:45 AM

the Bjorns have nothing on the gorgeousness and versatility of Beco Butterfly (and the new Beco Gemini. i don't get sore until at least an hour after having my 22 lb 10 month old in the Beco, it's wonderful! i don't get the appeal. for just as much money you can get an awesome COMFORTABLE carrier, and way more cute! we love our Beco!

Baby Björn Organic
1/31/11 02:25 AM

Not sure if this has been suggested, but we use a Peekaru babywearing vest over our Beco baby carrier. It's so toasty and we get a million compliments on it. If you have a winter baby the money will be well spent!

Cotton Babies also sells it w/free shipping.

Keeping an Infant Warm in a Carrier through the Winter
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1/3/11 06:59 PM