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These are cool too...very textural: and

10 Solid, Sturdy Cylinder Tables
10/26/11 10:12 AM

Geek power!

A High-Tech Dorm Room Hack at MIT
8/24/11 09:07 AM

I've long wanted to reproduce the arty, cool modernist interior of the serial killer's house in Michael Mann's Manhunter: very '80s in a good way (love the huge moon wall mural). And further in that vein, the cold, also extremely '80s loft in "9 1/2 Weeks." Tizio lamps? Fetishistic minimalist sound system? Check!

Cinema Style: 20 Unforgettable American Movie Interiors
8/4/11 08:53 AM

Impeccable taste in decor. Curious...I wonder how much more it would be if it were located near an upstate city like Ithaca?

The Smithy: A Perfect Upstate Summer Retreat
7/13/11 06:43 PM

So great. Where did you get the black deer head with silver antlers in the bedroom...?

Michael & Paul's Inherited Nostalgia
House Tour

4/18/11 10:23 PM

Oh I am so envious!! Barcelona is one of my favorite cities in the world. Thank you XavierN for your excellent tips. Can I ask you: what is living like in Raval? It reminds me of what the old East Village here in NYC used to be, a little bit.

What Neighborhood Should We Move To In Barcelona?
Good Questions

3/30/11 08:31 AM

@arroyo. I hear you! I used to fetishize everything Moroccan, but now I've totally OD'd on it. But I've noticed miniature Moroccan lanterns are going for $5 Amazon--tempted to buy a bunch and string them up in the garden and hope I'll fall in love with the look again.

Native American Inspired Decor
1/18/11 05:51 PM

I was very impressed seeing sculptor Donald Judd's bedroom full of bold Navajo rugs at his austere, modern compound in Marfa, TX. That dispelled any fears of queasy early '90s associations with Native American inspired decor.

Native American Inspired Decor
1/18/11 03:12 PM

I have trouble finding scented candles that aren't cloying and artificial smelling...but then I discovered Astier de Villatte's line. I love the subtle mossy, leathery scent of "Edimbourg." Pricey though at $75 each...but they burn slowly and don't reek like Glade.

Scented vs. Unscented Candles
1/10/11 04:08 PM