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I waited until I was married at 28 to buy my first real piece of furniture. It was extremely scary, since I had never had the money to do it before. Luckily my husband had some cash saved up, and with our first new apartment together, I was determined to make a good investment.

We ended up with a gorgeous white/gray leather sectional from Macy's furniture outlet. We have since not purchased anything nearly as much (it cost $1600), and even though there are a few comfy chairs I want, I cannot bring myself to spend $800 on a single chair.

How Old Were You? First Large Furniture Purchase?
6/27/11 07:26 PM

I had my first hemmingway at a bar here on Capitol Hill. I requested something with Rum, not sweet. It was amazing. Rum is such an overlooked liquor out in the world. The Hemmingway is now one of my abosolute FAVOURITE drinks, as long as it is made with fresh juices.

Straight Up: Will You Help Save the Daiquiri?
11/12/10 09:14 PM