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Beautiful wallpaper!

Beautiful, Eco-Friendly Wallpaper from Kimberly Lewis Home
6/30/11 11:02 AM

Who makes that lounge? It is beautiful!

Rodellee's Sunny Southern California Style
House Call

6/6/11 05:16 PM

I made a knock off woolly pocket last week. It can be tied to a balcony if that is an option for any of you. Here is a link to the instructions:

Inspiration Gallery: Container & Window Box Gardens
4/30/11 10:29 AM

The bike even coordinates...beautiful.

Candace's Living Light
4/4/11 11:26 AM

Coconut Oil for hair. After towel drying I put just a little (1/4 inch) in my palm, rub my hands together and apply to my hair. The oil makes my dry hair look so healthy. Make sure to do this evenly or you will have oily splotches.

Biggest Fan: What Do You Always Recommend To Friends?
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3/31/11 03:50 PM

Katy did a lot of painting! I love the gray lower cabinets. Great job!

Before & After: A Kitchen Transformed By Paint, Twice
Mom and Her Drill

3/31/11 11:52 AM

How creative! This is adorable.

Under-the-Table Fabric Playhouse
2/23/11 01:06 PM

Hey Valgal! The homeowners spent about $1700-ish on materials for the renovation. They did a lot of the labor themselves.

Before & After: Kitchen Remodel by Ecologique Design
Professional Project

2/23/11 01:04 PM

Name: Ecologique Design

The Homies: Best Green Home Blog of 2011?
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1/23/11 02:42 PM

The Homies: Best Green Home Blog of 2011?
submit your nominations...

1/23/11 02:36 PM

I think the windows are pretty and shouldn't be covered up. You can get a film from home improvement stores that will make the windows look frosted.

Before & After: From a Closet to a Bathroom
...and a Good Question

11/12/10 02:58 PM