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OK, as usual, there are lots of snarky or "not to sound bitchy, but..." comments.... so I will try to be gracious...

My thought is:
Step one: Take everything out of the bookcase.
Step Two: paint everything black (bookcase, brick, moldings, tacky bronze handles)
Step three: carefully curate about 5% of that stuff back onto the shelves. I did a black fireplace for a friend and it looks amazing. Everything you put there looks like it is framed.. So cool. Actually that silver mirror would be perfect... get a second one in a different size and shape to go next to it.. might be very cool.
You could seriously do it on a Saturday afternoon... Good luck!

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4/8/08 03:15 AM

I think it's great.
Is there a lot of classic mid century modern furniture?
Are the walls all white?
Is it your house?
So go decorate your house the way you want to.
Too many people on these threads are so critical.. too much this.. not enough that.. why did they choose this? Everyone is a critic.
Be kind to your neighbors and yourself.
it's just decor.
soapbox over.

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2/21/08 02:03 PM

return the couch.

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12/15/07 10:24 AM

Mrs. Goldstein was a neighbor of the Adlers. She was very funky and mod and hip... think Womb chairs and Bertoia furniture in the 70s when it made its first comeback.

You should read JA's book for the full story...

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