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I made one and absolutely love it. However, the polyurethane went yellow over the white gesso and I am going to have to re-paint the whole trunk. Just wanted to share this tip with anyone taking on this project. The polyurethane looks great on the surface (tree ring part of the log) but over white it ruined the look. After repainting with the gesso and repainting the knots I am going to just not bother with polyurethane this time around.

DIY Faux Birch Log Side Table
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11/29/10 09:12 AM

Well deserved win for into the woods. I loved that one. Congrats to everyone else too!

Small Kids, Big Color: And the Winners Are…
11/25/10 09:10 AM

I also just created an account to vote for this because I have never seen such a beautiful room! Where did you get the closet organizer and the owl bookends? I also noticed the Matte Stevens print in the background and, honestly, you might be my hero...

Into the Woods...If the Woods were Awesome
Small Kids, Big Color Entry #33

11/11/10 04:13 PM