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bubusu I agree! We had a leather Chesterfield, and unless you wanted to sit very upright, it was pretty uncomfortable. Especially in the summer, when you'd stick to the leather.

Comfortable & Chic: The Chesterfield Sofa
6/7/11 08:34 AM

wow, this reminds me of the renos people do to terraces in Sydney, Australia, only much better. Beautifully done in what I am sure was quite a constrained space!

Clayton Street: A Modern Victorian Renovation
Desire to Inspire

3/27/11 11:19 PM

here's a quasi-similar lamp here in KC (and aprilheartsaaron is right, the Midwest is a GOLDMINE, so many people have no idea what they have and/or don't value it)

Source For Table Lamp From Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds?
Good Questions

3/27/11 04:43 PM

I love the print on the curtains in the kid's room! Where is it from?

Rochelle & Rob's Country Cottage
House Call

2/27/11 09:51 PM

we got the Blake couch from Macys, and it is super comfortable! It was also only $700.

The Best Comfortable Couches for Seriously Lazy Lounging
2/27/11 08:40 PM

After living with my mother, mother-in-law, and stepmother, all very different women, I've noticed that people tend to fall into one of three categories: 1) those who hate clutter but don't care if things are a mess behind closed doors; 2) those that hate disorganisation and are willing to live with the clutter in order to get things organised "right"; and 3) those who are uber-humans and keep things both clutter-free and organised. (I do not fall in the 3rd category!)

I'm a type 2, so stashing things makes me nervous, but I also hate living in a cluttered house. I'm going to try out the pile drawer!

The Lazy Woman's Guide to Living Without Piles and Clutter
2/10/11 11:05 PM

I LOVE bookcases! Seeing so many books to peruse and maybe find something I've never heard of makes me so very happy.

For more bookcase love, Jamie Meares at I Suwannee does Bookcase of the Day posts every so often:

Bookshelf Envy: Floor to Ceiling Bookshelves
2/2/11 11:40 PM

love that sleek candelabra, especially with the rather rough-hewn table and detailed dishes!

The Quirky Home of Claudette Halkes
Bloesem Living

11/26/10 06:05 PM

I HATED having white floors! My hairy, bearded husband got black hairs all over it. It didn't matter how much a swept, they ALWAYS looked dirty. NEVER AGAIN

The Wonderful World Of White Floors
11/14/10 06:39 PM

Tea cozies can be quite useful in colder weather!

For those in Sydney, Australia, or going to Sydney, if you ever make it out to Bundeena there is a cafe along the main street that serves their tea in pots with tea cozies on the colder (for Sydney) days. It's oddly comforting, and your tea stays hot.

Reconsidering the Tea Cosy
11/10/10 09:44 PM