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Agree with KittinAnn. Sometimes parties don't end up how you want them to and these were just some suggestions.

5 Ways to Save a Holiday Bash Gone Bad
12/22/10 12:21 PM

Most importantly, you have to consider your Priorities. I don't have a family of my own yet, but I would guess your priorities would look similar to the following:

1. Your 10 year old son
2. A safe, stable and secure living space
10. Sunlight
20. A nice view

Like a lot of the other posts said, your son will become a teenager and will DEFINITELY need his own space. You probably still have 1-2 years until puberty really hits.

But renting from a friend can be dangerous. I can absolutely guarantee unexpected/unaccounted for problems will arise in your renters agreement. Money and the general state of the apartment will be big issues.

I would give it a trial run of 3-6 months before committing to a full year.

Obviously the decision is up to you and I'm curious which way you'll go. Good Luck!

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Good Questions

12/1/10 02:13 PM