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I can move in tomorrow. Really. I'm free. I'll pack tonight.

This place is 100% off the hook. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!

Mich's Mid-Century Modern High-Rise in the Desert
House Tour

1/19/12 03:54 PM

House of Norway in New Jersey is unfortunately out of business. Must have run out of MILK

The MILK Desk: Designed for Your Mac
1/18/12 03:15 PM

Hate the new look. Sorry. You went from the top of my favorites page to just another site stuck in a design folder.

I'm sure most people will in time forget how easy your old site was to navigate and how nice it was on the eyes. Now you're just another slick site. You had heart, but you managed to rip it out and become cold and aloof. Isn't design cool? What it can do and convey! Congrats. Or not.

Welcome to the New Apartment Therapy!
1/11/12 07:05 AM

I have a "small collection" of typewriters, but this place, oh my, this place give me major typewriter lust! I just with you could buy from their website. Then again, maybe it's a good thing I can't just buy from their website!

Kasbah Mod: Vintage Typewriters
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12/19/11 03:39 PM

I've worked from home for twenty years and I can say with all honesty, I wouldn't know how to act if I had to drive to an office. We've just purchased a new home so my new "commute" will be drastically shorter -- five feet instead of 25. I can't wait!

The way I've been able to stay focused and productive all these years is to set the goal of not eating alone as much as possible. On average I have lunch with clients three days a week. By now most of my clients are also my friends so this is relatively easy. But it still forces me to get dressed. Although I love working in sweats I would never let anyone see me that way, nor would anyone want to see me that way.

10 Tips for Successfully Working from Home
11/28/11 09:09 PM

I love Weisshouse! Amazing pieces. As they say, you generally get what you pay for. It's not cheap, but I've seen places way more expensive with way lesser quality and way more attitude. The sales staffers I've met at Weisshouse are friendly, professional and knowledgeable.

A New Loft by Stacy Weiss of Weisshouse
11/17/11 12:55 PM

Wouldn't touch a thing. Doesn't need "pops of color." It has personality and tranquility. I can feel the warmth of the space even thru the photos. Beautiful.

Bess & Peter's Brick & Timber Loft
House Tour

11/15/11 09:45 AM

Totally groovy man! Love it. Could live there in a heartbeat, but that's my generation.

Valery & Tony's "Moon Base Alpha" Room
11/11/11 01:34 PM

Nice details, where's the room? Too bad, looks like it could have been a favorite.

Brian's "Paris Rain" Room
11/10/11 12:17 PM

I can only wonder how beautiful the rest of the house might be.

Emily's "Appetizing Retro Fun" Kitchen
11/9/11 05:08 AM

I have a camel Samsonite exactly as pictured. I love it as home decor, but would never put it in service for fear of damage. It's served it's purpose for many years before I took ownership. It deserves a respectful retirement.

Style Sourcelist: Vintage & Retro Luggage
7/30/11 12:31 PM

What's quirky about it? Then again, I think polka dots are cool, too. And yes, as an exterior paint job. Sure is easy to give directions... Drive down street, when jaw drops, stop. :-)

Is There a Line Between Quirky and Eccentric?
7/7/11 10:49 AM

My fiancee is having a hard time coming to grips with my photographer's life(style). I'm not quite as obsessed as Bill, but I do wonder who the hell needs more furniture than you can sit on?

She did finally convince me (yeah, that's the word) I needed a (new) couch. It should go well with the 15 file cabinets dividing my space.

Bill Cunningham's Furniture Free Life
6/20/11 11:05 AM

Totally. Love. It. Only thing that would make it better... a couple of well positioned gun turrets. But I'm sure those could be added to the owners liking.

Would You Live in This Safe House?
6/8/11 11:23 AM

Ugly table - win. Something I'd want in my domicile - FAIL.

Build Your Own Industrial Side Tables
5/24/11 05:47 AM

Dusting must take forever... or never. Hummm.

Amy & Keith's Candy-Coated Dollhouse
House Tour

5/3/11 04:34 PM

Nice! Very minimal. Love your kitchen.

Maureen's Modern Millwork
4/25/11 08:55 PM

I can't believe this is only 425 Sq Ft! Amazing job! Just outstanding!

Daniel's Patched & Painted
4/24/11 10:50 PM

I'm way to OCD to have a picture frame cockeyed! I just want to straighten it. Love the kitchen.

Jessica's DIY Platform
4/24/11 10:47 PM

So much beautiful color. BRAVO!!

Silvia's Colorful Home
4/24/11 10:43 PM