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Not only are Compact Fluorescents harmful to the environment, but they're also harmful to HUMANS! CFL's contain mercury that could poison someone if released from the bulb. They also emit radiation, so having them in areas of your house which you use most is a bad idea. Keep CFL's in low use, unimportant areas, like garages and outdoors IF YOU MUST. In my opinion, they should have never even been invented. Yes, I would switch to LEDs.

Would You Pay $25 for an LED Lightbulb?
10/18/11 07:44 PM

These are beautiful!! Would be perfect as gifts! Love them.

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12/8/10 11:41 AM

Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh!! OH MY GOSH!! I need this! It is absolutely amazing and would work well in any bohemian styled space! Perfect!

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12/1/10 02:16 AM

Beautiful!! Bohemian meets bling. Love it!

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11/27/10 03:07 PM

Beautiful fixtures! For a design student on a budget, like I am, these would add so much to my space that I couldn't necessarily afford for myself! Love them!

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11/25/10 11:14 PM