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Especially for Emmi, who has not read my post properly, as Tim Minchin says:
And if by chance I have offended,
think but this and all is mended:
we'd as well be a day back in time,
for all the chance you'll change your mind.

Hospitable Pet Etiquette for the Holidays
11/10/10 12:30 PM

so, since i was the one starting the whole debate basically...I read many comments here, from the 'lock your dog away' fraction, stating that 'people don't train their dogs, which makes for unhappy animals'. All the comments I have read here from the 'my pet is my family' fraction state clearly that dogs/cats MUST be trained and well behaved. So please, do not use the argument of necessary training for dogs against our fraction, it is not what we talk about. And without that argument its very hard, right? Oh, I laughed myself from the chair when crotch sniffing was mentioned...yes, people have crotches! Those crotches smell! Its a universal fact. Or would you also like me to blend the toilet door with the wall so that it does not remind us of our crotches too? and maybe we could all pretend you went out to gaze at stars when you go for a wee!

Hospitable Pet Etiquette for the Holidays
11/10/10 11:15 AM

to put an end to my commenting here, I have stated in every post clearly that there is reasonable things guests will be offered (those with allergies etc.) and that a dog/cat SHOULD and btw MUST behave. i don't think that I run the pets life, I don't think they run mine, I think we co-habitate, with me as the boss. Being the boss means responsibility, and I was trying to stress that the responsibility of a pet owner is more with the animal than with the arriving guest, who has the choice to be in that house or not, unlike the animal whose only home that is. but a happy, trained dog will come up to arrivals, jump around somewhat, and bark. he is there, he is letting people know that, and I will not be denying his existence for someones comfort. People with allergies and phobias btw don't have different opinions, they have something they as mentioned can't dispose of for an evening. I would say this description fits good for a pet too, so there is apparently need for a compromise, which should be meeting each other halfway, not me locking away my pet. Why do people equate children to pets? I think sometimes people do that because there is no other way to let someone know that a) pets are family members, b) pet owners are sick of being treated as psychos and society menaces while parents and their children who behave (expectedly and naturally) often very badly, ruin things, events, torture animals, bore people etc. seem to think they have some kind of inherent right to do so, compared with pets. Now I guess you all think that I am overreacting, but I am not reacting on the topic of being a good/bad host, but on this prevalent thinking that pets are toys, things, being owned and managed. Declawing, crating, locking it away...why not just take up the old british tradition and send it to a boarding school till its time to get married?

Hospitable Pet Etiquette for the Holidays
11/9/10 06:41 PM

dear urbancricket, whilst your comment makes the most logical sense of all those supporting amandas contribution, it is somewhat lacking. While I am able to drink alcohol and eat nuts in my house while my guest abstain from that, I am unable to care properly for my animals if I put the demands ( those that are unreasonable and biased) of my guest above those of the animals I am responsible for. No, not everything is about me, my house, my pets and I am not being childish - the opposite, it is very adult not to treat your animals as toys, hiding them away in case someone minds. I know what my dog will do when someone comes over, and I can guarantee that the guest will not be bothered above a tolerable level. If the person coming over doesn't trust me on that..I firmly believe that people should trust people into whose homes they go. How do they know that my walls won't fall down on them? But then again, I'm from and in Europe, and we tend to have friends for chats with substance over to our houses here, not a gazillion acquaintances for a dinner party just to show off our new rugs or halloween themed dishes. Trust is implied, this is what my point is.

Hospitable Pet Etiquette for the Holidays
11/9/10 06:00 PM

Dear GNP, the exact point is that my dog neither bites nor annoys people (and there is no slobbering or maddening half hour barking or rubbing or jumping), but there are fellas who think that the sentence 'I am afraid of dogs' means that I will lock my dog away as if he was guilty of all the named offences, while he is actually completely innocent. If you don't trust that the person you are visiting is intent that you do not get bitten, then please, by all means, don't visit. I do invite people to come, but I do not invite them to write me down rules they expect me to follow in my own home. and btw, they all come again, the 'I am afraid of dogs' people. Because unlike you, they realize that being afraid is deviating from the normal, not having a dog.

Hospitable Pet Etiquette for the Holidays
11/9/10 05:33 PM

I have been following AT for months now, and never signed up because there was no need. I specifically signed up now to comment on this: while it is understandable that you don't want to eat your dinner while a dog is begging or a cat is running over the table, most people have trained their animals not to do so, and I don't think its a realistic thing to happen. But you know what else? My pets LIVE in my house, and guests (in other words, you) do not. I will not be locking my family away just because someone is sensitive to barking or can't be bothered to say hello to a dog, or whatever. What you are suggesting is not pet owner etiquette, it is insulting. I have people coming over who are afraid of dogs, and being sure of my dog, I just tell them to get over it or not to come. People are, after all, visiting ME, and MY house, and it is ME who has pets. If they don't like that, tough luck, I will certainly not be catering to whims of people coming over by making my pets feel unwelcome, nervous and punished, just as much as I won't be choosing my furniture so that it fits with the guests clothes.

Hospitable Pet Etiquette for the Holidays
11/9/10 05:13 PM