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We are currently knee deep in our kitchen renovation and decided that we wanted to preserve the character of our formal diningroom while opening up the space for better entertaining. We decided on an oversized passthrough window over the sink. This way we can open up the diningroom a bit while maintaining the character and still have some storage in the kitchen.

Merging a Modern Kitchen with Traditional Dining Room
2/10/11 12:38 PM

I hate folding laundry so my ultimate luxury is having the laundry sent out. It comes back clean and folded and I just have to put in away.

Home Luxuries: Which Ones Are Worth It?
2/1/11 11:01 PM

Thanks for all of the really great advice! And thanks AT for posting my question!
Momlady - I am loving Bradbury wallpapers
bullyproofvest - your bathroom is a great inspiration for me. I LOVE IT!
tbgboodler - Sorry the tile is totally gross and the shower is leaking into my kitchen (which is also about to be reno'ed) so we don't really have a choice.
mschatelaine - the house was built in 1920. I've always wanted a clawfoot tub and think it will fit with the style of the house.


Is Wallpaper in the Bathroom a Good Idea?
Good Questions

11/11/10 01:00 PM