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Because I know virtually nothing about this stuff I need to ask, do you need to have High speed internet for these? We live in an area where we don't have access to high speed internet like DSL and must use either satellite internet or use our phones as a hot spot.
So are any of these things options for us?

A Beginner's Guide to Wireless Media Streaming at Home
4/30/13 02:04 PM

Besides Whole Foods, what stores have bulk bins? In the DC area they don't seem to have a very good selection. Any suggestions for other stores? Thanks!

Buying From the Bulk Bin: Why It's Not Always the Cheaper Option NPR
4/17/12 10:25 PM

I love it! Please share where you got the print on the top shelf. Thanks!

Knox's Vintage Modern Safari Nursery
Small Kids, Big Color Entry #23

11/9/10 09:37 AM