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Stencil Library is an excellent resource for Arts & Crafts Stencils. You might also want to look at Trimbrelle River, MB Historic Decor, and Helen Foster Stencils. Try searching for Arts and Crafts Stencils on for more possibilities.

Stencil for Craftsman-Style Cabinet? Good Questions
7/7/12 11:06 AM

I've used SayWhat? Lettering from the Mad Stencilist.

Sources for a Custom Wall Stencil or Sticker?
Good Questions

12/7/10 01:39 PM

Congratulations, it looks wonderful! I think I would have used a roller stenciling technique to apply the paint, rather than stippling, as it would be a little easier on the arm. I hope you at least had a big stippling brush?

Before & After: Pretty in Pink to Bold Black & White – Part 2
11/8/10 10:32 PM