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pretty amazing stuff

Corrugated Cardboard as Art?
Mark Langan

12/8/10 09:27 AM

Definitely try the plastic window coverings. Or styrofoam if you don't mind light blockage. Sometimes heating only a few rooms of you house/apt can work, too.

How To Seal Up My Townhouse and Make It Warmer?
Good Question

11/29/10 12:31 PM

what a neat idea!

Add Removable Privacy To Any Door With Cornstarch
Manhattan Nest

11/29/10 12:28 PM

They definitely look warm

8 Eco-Friendly Blankets to Keep You Cozy and Warm

11/15/10 11:03 AM

Didn't see that coming. How creative!

Can You Identify This Everyday Item? (We Bet You Can't!)
11/15/10 11:01 AM

This is a great idea! It reminds me a little bit (I don't know why) of this video:

Save 4.6 Gallons of Water a Day Without Even Trying

11/8/10 05:36 PM

Good to hear Hello Kitty is giving back to the environment. I always pictured her more as a taker

Hello Kitty Goes Eco-Friendly: Laptop Sleeves & Tote Bags
11/8/10 05:27 PM

Love the look of these! They remind me a little of these bamboo bowls I found awhile ago at

Bamboo Dinnerware has Arrived: Shiraleah
11/8/10 05:25 PM

Would love to own one of these!

Wood-Fired Hot Tubs Are Making a Comeback
The New York Times

11/8/10 05:19 PM

Interesting, never seen this. Hopefully the wave of the future! Anybody ever found fairtrade toilet paper? That's something else I've never heard of.

Great Scott! Tube-Free Toilet Paper
11/8/10 05:18 PM

Metal serving utensils are great, but I prefer the look of bamboo. Its ecofriendly - grows quickly, sustainable - and is also so light!

5 Indispensable Entertaining Items: Built to Last
11/8/10 05:15 PM

Really vibrant, love them. I found some more in different sizes at trade for a trade.

Fair Trade Recycled Quilted Sari Throws
11/8/10 05:11 PM