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I had a titanic poster above my captain's bed, surrounded by a string of white christmas lights and all the ticket stubs from movies I had seen. I also collected the "got milk?" ads and airwalk ads and plastered these everywhere, my bedroom was always a mess, but I loved it and still have fond memories of it.

The Lives of Teenagers...As Seen in their Bedroom Decor
Teenage Bedroom

9/23/11 10:50 AM

You could look at using Pebeo Porcelain paints. These are cured in your at home oven at much lower temperatures (160 degrees F) so likely wouldn't effect the previous coatings. Once cured these are food and dishwasher safe. You can find more information about these on pebeo's website to determine if this is a good way to go for your project.

How To Do a DIY Reglaze of My Mix & Match Dinnerware?
Good Questions

11/8/10 09:55 AM