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hmmm...I thought it said regolith. which I think is a large old rock. oh well.

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2/5/08 02:29 AM

fascinating about the plants but will a milkweed hair style really become all the rage?

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2/2/08 02:18 PM

Lovely photos. wish I had that kind of talent

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1/19/08 03:17 PM

I came across and interesting idea. Future news. Here is my attempt:

China shocks the world by revealing the first completely pollution free coal fired power plants are supplying energy to the Olympics. Every gram of carbon the plants produced is trapped and recycled.

In further news it is announced that you may save the environment by getting drunk. Distilled spirits manufacturers finally realized that they could trap and recycle CO2 produced by sour mash fermentation by just a little extra plumbing.

And finally, one of the largest sources of waste paper was eliminated as phone books the world over went on an "opt in" system. After it was realized that many people who communicate via cell phone and internet never even open a phone book, it was easy to cut the number of phone books produced in the world by 90%.

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12/16/07 03:04 AM

Ah some Christmas cheer. A cute idea.

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12/15/07 12:14 PM

Lovely! So you aren't really avoiding Christmas.

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12/11/07 02:31 PM