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Thanks everyone!! :D
Mr. Rogers holds a special place in my childhood, I had to include him!

Benjamin's Marvelous Mish-Mash My Room
8/23/13 09:11 AM

so beautiful!!

Baby V's Pink Peony Nursery My Room
8/20/13 02:34 PM

@hilary you totally nailed it! I showed my husband and he said the exact same thing!
Beautiful job!! :)

Margot's Eclectic Nursery My Room
8/8/13 09:25 PM

Beautiful!! I love how quirky and fun it is. Reminds me of an interior from a Wes Anderson movie!

Margot's Eclectic Nursery My Room
8/8/13 03:02 PM

love this!! You guys did an awesome job!!

- Fellow Vancouverite expecting a baby boy in 4 weeks :)

\"X\" Marks The Spot in Xavier's Room My Room
7/16/13 02:52 PM

8 months pregnant here! I wish I had the option of using cloth diapers! But alas, I live in an old apartment, no laundry available easily so adding those extra steps in to what will likely be a hard schedule already, would probably drive me to insanity.

I love reading all of your tips though!

The Dreaded Dirty Diaper Smell...and How To Avoid It
7/1/13 12:30 PM

Right when i looked at the main photo I knew this was a Vancouver shot!
Nicely done fellow Vancouverite! :)

Trevor's Floor to Ceiling Windows Small Cool Contest
5/7/13 07:08 PM

Great space!
(Possibly dumb?) Question!
What does the: Years lived in: 3 years; "rented / owned" mean?

Renting to own?

Emily & Jonathan's Urban Homestead House Tour
4/24/13 09:31 PM

Yep! Never had any complaints or issues. But I'm a severely neat and clean painter.
My current place is a heritage and we are allowed to paint, we are supposed to show the landlord the colors first, after doing this for three rooms they eventually said "no need to show us any more, we trust your palette, go to town! :)
I'm currently painting a nursery a deep grey and I just freshened up all the white trim and windowsills. It's nice to have flexibility to allow us to take care of the place. It feels like home.

True Confessions: Have You Ever Painted a Rental Without Permission? Reader Survey
3/7/13 11:36 AM

oooh! you have the googly eye cabinet knobs! Those remind me of my childhood! haha

Introducing Claire & Jeffrey's Kitchen Renovation Diary: Claire & Jeffrey's Kitchen #1
2/7/13 02:33 PM

I'm getting my handy-contractor brother to build me a longer version of this! The wood is only costing me about $100.00.

I bet you could find somebody on craigslist, maybe a retired builder/hobbyist who would build you a sweet real one for way less!

Quality of West Elm Parsons Low Bookshelf? Good Questions
1/25/13 05:01 PM

Nice tips! I definitley need to crack windows when guests start showing up!
Nobody wants schweaty guests!

If I locked my kitties in a bedroom they would destroy the door and holler all night!
They love visitors! More hands for belly scratches! :)

5 Things to Do in the Last 30 Minutes Before Your Guests Arrive
11/21/12 11:36 PM

I knew there'd be some fellow vancouverites commenting on this one!!
My husband and I, both in our 30's, great careers, make decent money, have a savings account, live on a cash only budget, don't go out a lot, yadda yadda..yet we will remain renters for the foreseeable future due to the crazy unaffordable real estate here.
Who can come up with a downpayment while renting in Vancouver? Maybe if you have rich parents to help you out? Not us! it's mind boggling. I'd prefer to stay in Vancouver but I'm sure once we have kids we will have to re-assess and leave.

Living In The Most Expensive Cities:
How Long Can We Keep This Up?

9/21/12 12:13 AM

no wonder I love this house tour the most ever! My walls are grey and I have maps everywhere too! LOVE it!!! :)

Clytie & Claudia's Storied Pieces House Tour
6/4/12 10:56 PM

yay Vancouver!!! Love your place Natalie! Nice work!!!

Natalie's Vintage Everything House Call
5/8/12 10:57 PM

fellow Vancouverite!!! GREAT JOB! Love the personality you have injected! You have fantastic taste, the Husdons bay blanket nailed it for me! :D

Geoff's Southern Exposure Studio Small Cool Contest
4/3/12 09:25 PM

Love!! Beautiful!!!

Before & After: Handsome Navy Nightstands Happy Mundane
3/15/12 12:37 AM

Man! That is inspiring! My landlord asked what flooring I wanted in the bathroom and I requested this floor! He couldn't find them in Vancouver! That, or they were somehow too expensive here!? You did an awesome job here!!!! Worth every penny!

Before & After: Bold Color in the Kitchen
2/28/12 11:49 PM

Oh how I adore the mason jar display!! Beautiful! Love those vintage trophies too! You got my wheels spinning after seeing that idea! :)

Celesta & Sean's Eclectic (Fun!) First Home
House Tour

2/25/12 02:52 PM

Love it! It was too heavy looking before! Great color choice!

Why do people comment when they only have negative things to say? I don't understand that! You don't like it? Move to the next page!?

Before & After: From Antique Dry Sink into Changing Table
Taste{full} Life

2/8/12 11:31 AM