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I have a cast iron mortar and pestle, and I love it! It's the best thing for grinding spices. I don't wash mine very often, however. I just wipe it out with a paper towel. And I never use it for anything other than dry spices.

What's the Best Way to Season My Cast Iron Mortar and Pestle? Good Questions
7/1/14 11:18 AM

I can tell you without reading any more...the magnet is obviously attached to a stick underneath. As you guide the magnet stick under the plate, it moves the rocket, to which is attached another magnet. Pretty cool!

A-MAZE-ING: DIY Paper Plate Magnet Maze Cakies
6/25/14 11:17 AM

We have a chest freezer that's modified to hold three kegs, so we always have a hoppy beer or two from a local brewery on tap and PBR for those who can't handle the hops. Seems to work perfectly.

Tips for Choosing the Best Beers for a Party, Plus 5 Favorite Picks Tapped In
5/29/14 11:44 AM

I find great stuff all the time! Last weekend it was a kid's ukelele and a bike with training wheels, brand new helmet included, for my son. $1 each at a moving sale.

What's Your Best Bargain Kids' Room Find?
5/27/14 04:52 PM

By law, aren't breast pumps supposed to be covered by insurance now?

Worthy Splurge, Baby Edition: Five Infant Products Worth Every Penny
5/19/14 05:27 PM

I made and froze so much food before my baby was born, and now I can't eat hardly any of it because he's sensitive to dairy. At least my husband has something to eat, I guess.

Stock Up on Freezer Meals Week 5: The Best Reader Advice for Filling the Freezer Before Baby Arrives Spring Projects from The Kitchn
5/2/14 05:43 PM

I'm in the same situation with a dairy/soy-sensitive baby...and I'm sure that as a nursing mom you have a lot of time to prepare complicated breakfasts, right? Ha. I eat lots of granola with coconut milk. And I fry up a bunch of sausage patties and freeze them. Then I can thaw them and throw them on an English muffin whenever.

Dairy-Free, Soy-Free Breakfast Ideas for a Breastfeeding Mom? Good Questions
5/2/14 05:40 PM

What's wrong with a little ash in compost? I've read that it's beneficial. I add a little hardwood ash now and then, and my plants don't complain.

Ryland Engelhart's 6 Tips for Better Composting at Home Expert Tips
4/21/14 05:20 PM

I would cook allll day long if someone else did the dishes. That is heaven on earth.

Who Does the Dishes in Your Home?
1/27/14 11:05 AM

I've had good luck using the batter for two days in a row. Breakfast all weekend!

Breakfast Recipe: Overnight Yeasted Waffles Recipes from The Kitchn
1/14/14 04:38 PM

If you follow the logic, anyone who has a nickname that ends in "ie" is somehow less important. I take offense to that!

Why Deborah Madison Wants Everyone to Stop Using the Word Veggies
1/14/14 04:31 PM

My 2-year-old son moved from a crib to a twin bed about a week ago, and he actually sleeps a lot better. Wakes up during the night a lot less and rarely gets out of bed on his own. He got out of the crib a lot more, actually (he wasn't climbing over the railing; one side was off to convert it to a toddler bed).

Tips for Transitioning from a Crib to a Big Kid Bed
10/7/13 11:22 AM

My parents have had a dedicated ice maker for more than 20 years and love it. They go through a lot of ice, so they've definitely gotten their money's worth. I wouldn't want one, but I'm not an ice fanatic like my mom.

For Frequent Entertainers: Dedicated Kitchen Ice Makers
9/30/13 04:16 PM

Here's a free knitted pouf pattern that I found to be easy to follow:

Cushions & Pillows & Poufs, Oh My!
Kids' Seating to DIY

9/20/13 05:18 PM

My son is two and allergic to dairy and nuts, so I actually find myself baking less, and if I do, baking healthier snacks. Since he can't eat many processed foods and I want him to eat mostly healthy food, I can't eat unhealthy snacks as much either. And I don't eat off his plate much since he wants ketchup or mustard on EVERYTHING. I weigh less than I did before I got pregnant.

Why Having a Toddler Made Me Eat More (and Not Better)
6/26/13 12:53 PM

For 1/2 yard pieces or smaller, I roll each one up like a sleeping bag, put a rubber band around it, and put it in one of my expedit shelves. You can see the ends of them, and it's easy to grab one out without disrupting the whole pile. Best method I've found. I have to be able to see my fabric to be inspired.

Craft Room Organization: 10 Smart Ways to Store Fabric
6/21/13 06:30 PM

My mom used to have clothes hangers that someone had crocheted...very cute, and kept the clothes from slipping. There are lots of tutorials that don't look to difficult if you know how to crochet. These are really pretty:

DIY Ideas:Closet Hangers with Panache
5/17/13 04:55 PM

I got that block and tackle kit at Goodwill for 2 bucks a year ago. Can't wait til my son is old enough to use it!

Fort Fun: 5 Cool Fort Accessories
5/1/13 02:46 PM

I shake mine up in a paper bag to mix it all together, then stick the paper bag right in the microwave and cook it until crunchy, shaking it every minute or so. If you have a lot of popcorn, divide it into two paper bags. A lot faster than the oven, and a lot less cleanup.

How to Make Crunchy Caramel Popcorn Cooking Lessons from The Kitchn
4/17/13 11:22 PM

I vote for open shelves! If you wanted to make them more usable and not worry about stuff falling off, you could put some semi-opaque glass or plexiglass behind the shelves, providing diffused light. This could look very cool, depending on what you're displaying. And the glass itself could be a design element on the other side if you used something with color or pattern.

What To Do with Interior Windows-to-Nowhere? Good Questions
4/5/13 03:23 PM