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I think this is a beautiful place, with a really interesting mix of belongings.

Dominique's Balanced Abode Small Cool Contest
6/10/14 09:25 AM

Well said.

It's the Law: How To Decide Whether (or Not!) to Makeover Your Latest Secondhand Find Comment of the Day
6/10/14 09:18 AM

I agree with your entire comment. People can do whatever they want with the furniture they own, and others can voice opinions about whether they love the new look or prefer the "before" look. If we all agreed about everything, this would be quite a boring place.

It's the Law: How To Decide Whether (or Not!) to Makeover Your Latest Secondhand Find Comment of the Day
6/10/14 09:15 AM

I moved just over two weeks ago, and this is a topic that has been on my mind a lot lately.

I miss:
1. That my old apartment was the first place I lived without roommates and was where I discovered a love for all things home & DIY.
2. The ceiling fan in the bedroom of my old apartment.
3. The high ceilings of my old apartment, especially since I now live on the top floor and many of my ceilings are slanted.

I am happy about:
1. More space! My new apartment is significantly larger than my old one & has a second bedroom.
2. A shower stall with GREAT water pressure. My old apartment had a clawfoot tub and poor water pressure. Clawfoot tubs can be beautiful, but in a tiny bathroom, where it functions as a tub & shower combo, it isn't very practical.
3. A better floorplan. My old apartment was segmented into several small rooms, with the living room and kitchen on opposite ends of the apartment. My new apartment is very open, with the living room, dining room, and kitchen all in one large space. It is great for entertaining and the openness makes it feel much larger than it actually is.

I experienced a panic moment in the few days before I moved where I second guessed my decision. I was almost of the mindset that I regretted the decision to move. Plus, the idea that someone new was going to be living in MY apartment was not a thought I liked to entertain. Just two weeks in, I am so happy I decided to move. I like the excitement of living in a new space and decorating a new space, and I still get to live in & appreciate a neighborhood I have grown to love.

Moving Questions: What Will You Miss/Look Forward To Most?
6/4/14 02:13 PM

This home is the definition of what this contest should be about. Thanks to this place, I have some idea as to how two adults and a dog can live in an apartment 1/4 the size of my current place -- where I live alone. (Granted, I just moved into a much larger apartment, one that has more room than I know what to do with AND I don't live in San Francisco).

Bravo to you.

Question about the kitchen -- how functional is it? Do you mostly eat meals out?

Rebecca's Deliberate Lifestyle Small Cool Contest
5/23/14 04:28 PM

You have a beautiful home. I love the yellow door, the bay windows, the puppy (obviously), the (hacked?) dresser in your bedroom, and how you made this apartment feel colorful without the use of paint!

I don't quite get the comments about IKEA. IKEA has a lot of great stuff, and I think you've done a nice job of incorporating pieces into your apartment. I'd love to see more!

Meredith's Nob Hill Home Small Cool Contest
5/23/14 03:12 PM

I love everything about this apartment -- the floors, the windows, the high ceilings, the molding, the furniture... The list goes on. Beautiful home. Thanks for sharing!

Will & Rebekah's Traditional with a Twist in Paris House Tour
5/23/14 01:48 PM

If you check out her blog, linked to in the article, she says the chairs were listed at $75 each and she talked the seller down to $100 for the pair.

Before & After: The Million Hour Chair
5/22/14 12:18 PM

Very interesting place.

Maybe this is a silly question, but are there windows? I'm not that familiar with adobe, and the photos seem dark.

I love the texture of the walls, though. You have a really well designed space!

Enrique's Authentic Adobe Small Cool Contest
5/21/14 10:49 AM

I love the natural light & the combination of white with wood. The mix & match chairs for the table are great. I'm looking to do something similar in my place, and I can only hope it turns out as well as yours!

Your counters are gorgeous, as are the kitchen lights!

Sandy's Cozy Copenhagen Home Small Cool Contest
5/21/14 10:46 AM

I love your home and your collection! Your place has character, and your wood floors are gorgeous!

Caitlin's Carte Blanche Collections Small Cool Contest
5/19/14 04:50 PM

What a fun house! Thanks for sharing!

I love the (instagram?) photo display above the shelf in one of the photographs. That is such a cool idea! I'm thinking about doing something similar in my new apartment. Thanks for the inspiration!

Matt & Mel's Animated Abode House Tour
5/12/14 12:53 PM

This room has a ton of potential, so you are really lucky on that front. :)

I would suggest switching the TV & the couch. This is a similar layout to my current apartment, but my living room is a lot smaller. There is glare on the TV, but it rarely bothers me as I'm hardly ever home & watching TV during the day -- and if it does, I pull the blinds down and shut the curtains to eliminate it.

Speaking of curtains, I would recommend adding some. I bought white linen-esque curtains from IKEA several years ago for really cheap, and they still look great in my place. I think curtains help a room look more put together, even if you never close them. If you aren't able to paint in your room, colorful/patterned curtains could help brighten things up.

I think adding some basic decorative things, like art, pillows, a throw, and plants (which would be great with all of your windows) would improve this space a lot.

I would upgrade your TV shelf. I currently use a rehabbed dresser, which has a ton of storage inside (to hide the electronics and other things). It was an inexpensive upgrade for me.

You could add two identical chairs to the living room and have them face toward the radiator. They would sit sort of where the camera person is standing. That might help separate the living room from the other areas of your apartment, and it would provide additional seating.

I also agree with the comment about a larger rug. I think the current rug is too small for the space.

Hope this helps!

Arrangement for Living Room After Roommate Moves Out? Good Questions
4/22/14 01:19 PM

It is super exciting to see a St. Paul House Call! I'm in St. Paul -- renting in Crocus Hill -- and love, love, love this city. I used to live near Como Park, and I'd love to own a home there someday!

I echo the calls for a full house tour. I love the character of the home and the mix of new & thrifted items. This home is well designed / curated, but it also looks like people actually live there -- which in my opinion is the perfect balance.

Can't wait to see more!

Mandi's Antique & Modernly Mixed Bungalow House Call
4/21/14 04:13 PM

I've heard of this and do it in my current apartment.

I have a clawfoot tub/shower combination -- which sounds awesome, but in reality, it is not-so-awesome. I can not control how high I hang my shower liners or curtains, so the liners would pool slightly at the bottom of the tub if they weren't trimmed. That would be really unsafe (cue visions of me half asleep, tripping over the shower curtain and falling out of my tub at 5am).

In my experience, it isn't a problem to cut off the weights, because you aren't trimming the liner up to be higher than the edge of the tub (at least, I don't). The liner will still catch the side of the tub, by several inches.

Clean Shower Tip: Do You Trim Your Curtain Liner?
3/24/14 02:09 PM

The idea of painting walls black is something that I haven't been able to wrap my head around -- until now. I totally get what you've done here. It is striking and sleek. The fact that it is chalkboard paint adds a touch of playfulness -- which I love. I like the gold frames, too!

Gorgeous cat. :)

Zemeer's Matte Black Bedroom My Bedroom Retreat Contest
3/20/13 08:54 AM

The quilt your mom made is gorgeous! I would display it, too! I also think it is neat how your displayed the pictures -- the ones that look like they are hanging from a string.

Lindsey's Crisp & Colorful Bedroom My Bedroom Retreat Contest
3/20/13 08:50 AM

I love the colors in this bedroom -- neutral walls and rich colors. Beautiful. I REALLY love the frames that hold your earrings. Those are super cute and work well as wall decor, too!

Lauren's Dramatic Curtains Bedroom My Bedroom Retreat Contest
3/20/13 08:45 AM

I don't mind the fact that there is an animal skin in this bedroom, but I think it looks odd on the bed. Since very little is hanging on the walls, it might be an interesting idea to hang the animal skin on the wall. Or layer it over the other rug on the floor?

I really like the open shelving! I think the wood & metal is cool looking and fits well with the neutral tone.

Christina's Earthquake Shack Bedroom My Bedroom Retreat Contest
3/20/13 08:43 AM

As an avid Google Reader user, I wasn't too happy when I logged in this morning. A quick google search for "Google Reader replacements" gave me many articles with lists of the best (free) replacements.

@Sk345 -- You might want to try a simple google search. While Feedly seems to be the most popular replacement option -- it is also the one I chose to switch to -- there are certainly other alternatives.

I've only just started checking in to Feedly, but it seems to be pretty easy to use. Everything from Google Reader imported in a matter of seconds. So far, so good.

Google Announces Reader to Shut Down Design News 03.14.13
3/14/13 01:28 PM