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I'm so excited to see Klassik Living profiled on AT! I made my first purchase from them last year, and the owner and employee who helped me were so kind and helpful, and gave me a very fair price on the piece, too. Plus they showed me the wonders of old-school Dux flat-packing!

Klassik Living: Danish Design & Decor Store Profile
3/9/12 01:42 PM

What a fabulous idea for a collection! I'm going to be obsessed with that tumblr now. Thanks for the inspiration!

Dream Art Collection: Girls Reading
9/15/11 10:50 PM

This is a really interesting and thoughtful discussion, and a very different way to think about your home environment.

I totally agree with the lovely suggestions about planting trees and sage cleansing, and lots of redecorating. It's amazing how much that can all change a space--I've seen it (and felt it) at work in my grandparents' former home and it truly felt like a new house.

But I think that no matter your levels of picking up vibes, or being "superstitious," or whatever, what is most telling: you don't say that you guys really love *this* particular house. It simply matches your needs at a good price. I'm sure many other houses out there can also meet your needs and give you good vibes, too.

Would You Buy a House with a Dark History?
Good Questions

9/9/11 09:03 PM

Swedie, thanks for mentioning the Orbitz ads! I loved those "Visit Planet Earth" designs, the one with the giraffes especially, but I didn't know who designed them. Thanks!

Vintage Inspired Travel Posters
7/13/11 12:21 PM