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I made this salad on tuesday night, on a day of intense heat. Notable for how little heat I used in my not-airconditioned ktchen, and then once it sat overnight, it was flavorful and pungent. A truly wonderful, simple recipe.

Lunch Recipe: Warm Chickpea Salad with Cumin & Garlic
7/22/11 02:59 PM

I go to a neighborhood in nyc I have never been in. Esp. helpful is to cross a river to get there. It's an adventure, and then I can be a tourist in the city I've lived in for 25 years. I make sure I look at everything and experience as much as I can; buildings, what people are wearing, cafes, stores, yard sales, and how the area feels to all of my senses.

How To Get the Benefits of a 2-Week Vacation in ONE Day!
6/17/11 11:44 AM

I disagree with corn being on the list, since inorganic corn has more than a pesticide problem--most non-organic corn is now from genetically modified seed, and it will be years before we know that full story on how that impacts our DNA and the DNA of creatures who ingest any part of a genetically modified plant.

Best Conventional Produce: 15 Lowest Pesticide Choices
6/17/11 09:15 AM

I love the wood floors, and the windows. I especially like the desk with the heart shaped holes in the drawers. What is the resource for that?

Mark & Lisa's Rustic Northwestern Home
House Tour

6/17/11 09:06 AM

I found this home completely boring, devoid of any life. If you have to take a photo of a person's shoerack, in my opinion there isn't much to see. I agree with a previous poster that I could get no sense of individuality from this home--and "green" can be extremely warm and inviting---green does not have to equal deprivation.

Lola & Eric's Sweet, Streamlined Home
Green Tour

6/2/11 08:45 AM

thanks for this interesting piece. It seems to me something in our humanity feels it deeply each time we lose connection to hand-made beauty. Even after industrialization, people seek ways to continue using their hands to create, with the challenges and fulfillment that brings--my father in the 1960s had hobbies of bonsai, gardening and ship model building. I fear the digital age adds exponentially to this loss of training the hands to create beauty.

Folk Art and Russian Art Nouveau

2/17/11 01:29 PM