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whats with this ugly room? where is the "after"?

10 No-Fail Decor Tricks & Tips for Small Spaces
4/25/14 02:39 PM

Maybe clarify why it's so important for them to be young? I don't understand the reasoning there?

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7/22/13 05:59 PM

I like how that painting over the bed and the four apple pyramid clue us in that this isn't just a tidy teenagers bedroom.

Alexandra's Cozy Little Cave Small Cool Contest
5/21/13 07:41 PM

I do like how you hung that ugly painting over the dresser to draw at least some attention away from how ugly the dresser is... at least it was also ugly before.

Before & After: A Dorothy Draper-Inspired Chest
9/20/12 10:44 PM

Contemporary art? This is a POSTER... come on support a living artist. The sculpture is amazing though and would be better off alone on the wall.

Contemporary Art and Mid-C Classics Roommarks
9/11/12 08:55 AM

Ha ha ha, when I said I "mommy desk" was pretty offensive I just meant offensive like an ugly hat would be, not like I was all mad about it. Yeash....

Before & After: Old-School Desk Gets a Makeover Storywood Designs
7/8/12 02:54 PM

@ENSUENOS , Right on! "Mommy Desk" is pretty offensive lol. I might be even more sensitive to this sort of thing being a "gay dad" myself as I am turned off by any "mommy and me" sort of thing but this really takes it to another level.
"Mommy Credenza" ... haha, awesome!

Before & After: Old-School Desk Gets a Makeover Storywood Designs
7/6/12 12:10 PM

The desk top looks great, I would like to have seen the entire desk redone like that (especially the old wooden drawer pulls).
Why make a real vintage desk look like a fake vintage desk from Pottery Barn? I suppose it might be cheaper than going to Pottery Barn... but I don't like Pottery Barn so there you have it.

Before & After: Old-School Desk Gets a Makeover Storywood Designs
7/6/12 11:35 AM

I agree with DUANE HILL... they pretty much just ruined the one half baked idea here with that picture. Flip Flops are gross and hanging them from mutilated hangers with big bows just makes it worse!

Storage Solutions for 5 Summer Accessories
6/7/12 02:39 PM

I have this laundry bag holder and it is actually surprisingly well made, modern, metal and only $12.99 (however I use it for a laundry bag holder). I think it is by far the nicest thing in that hideous room pictured above!

Make A Modern Plant Stand On The Cheap IKEA Hackers
6/2/12 09:01 AM

I think adding that big plant and the booze on the other side helped a lot more than all that sticky green paper and tape.

Before & After: Black & White Home Theater Goes Technicolor!
5/27/12 09:54 AM

These are great ideas... but somehow I left reading this imagining people buying "art" in the clearance aisle at their local TJ Maxx, please no.

5 Places To Skimp On Your Kitchen Renovation
5/24/12 04:59 PM

This makes everyone happy!!!!

Before & After: Dresser Makeunder Curbly
5/23/12 04:55 PM

I have an actual mid century dresser with metal circle knobs set in the wood and I am shocked at how this truly recreates that look!!! Wow! Also it appears there were negative comments on here at one time? where are they? I love reading the negative comments.

Before & After: Mid-Century Inspired Dresser Knobs from Mason Jar Lids
5/18/12 01:11 PM

Very strange house tour ... Seems to be highlighting the building (used to be a Crunch gym on the ground floor I used to go to, don't know if its still there) I didn't get any "design " from this... just looks like some furniture in a strange low ceilinged space set up like storage units on the roof and called "penthouses".

Michael Moeller's Bachelor Pad Project in the Sky House Tour
5/17/12 10:58 PM

Whats up with that first pic? It's a blurry pic of books in a dinning room seen FROM a kitchen ... same sorta thing in pic #3 ( must admit those are my favorites anyways)

Books in the Kitchen
5/17/12 10:40 PM

Wow I love color but yuck, just yuck is right. I actually like #1 the most but it would probably work using any color... except purple and possibly that color they actually chose. #3 is so revolting to me I wouldn't know where to start.

Color Crazy: Ten Vibrant Kitchens to Shake Up Your Style
5/16/12 10:46 PM

I have penny tiles in one of my bathrooms and never noticed any grout issues... maybe my dark grout is the answer? Also if you do use real pennies as tiles it is actually cheaper, but would be a lot more work. Real pennies can look beautiful but also risk looking crafty and ugly depending on the space.

Lucky Penny: Penny Tile Inspiration
5/10/12 10:15 PM

I would love to be inside during a rain storm!!

A New Take on Indoor/Outdoor Living with the BubbleTree Tent
4/24/12 10:44 PM

The color could be fine but not only the art, that sofa is way too small, the chairs too big, those vases are WAY too tall ( with sticks that touching the ceiling?) I do like the matchy drapes! Lets focus on those I guess?

Committing to Color: A Playful But Elegant High-Low Living Room
4/24/12 10:39 PM