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Could you install another shelf at the correct height for eating underneath the counter? I was thinking something sort of like this:

Novel Ideas For Pseudo Breakfast Bar? Good Questions
4/16/13 04:42 PM

My parents had terrible, terrible knives. Old as dirt, cheap to begin with, and probably sharpened last when I was about 10. I learned to cook with their crappy knives, and it was mind blowing when I started using ones that were sharp. They live across the country now. When I did visit, it was always frustrating trying to cut anything. I finally just bought them a knife set with a block for christmas last year. No offense was taken, and they enjoy using their new "fancy" knives.

How To Cope With Your Parents' Dull Knives
12/12/11 12:04 PM

To the people complaining, I did this for a few years for about 25-30 dollars a week, toiletries included. And I usually shopped at the local hispanic market, which had better prices. I lived in a cheap apartment with roommates and usually had to ride a bike because the bus was too expensive for every day. I had no car. It was a little stressful, but also some of the best years of my life. Poor people have a lot of struggles, but often what people complain about in the media is ridiculous. It often comes down to things like Maleah "not wanting to cook for a small army every day" or I have read else where about "poor people not having enough time to use cloth diapers". People have been doing it for thousands of years. Why can't they still?

Eating on $31 a Week: The Hunger Action Month Challenge
The Chicago Tribune

9/27/11 05:29 PM

Could anyone comment on a comparison between benjamin moore's natura line and mythic? I have been curious about mythic but haven't bought any yet. Also, I am pregnant and slowly repainting the apartment. Thanks!

Green Ideas: Mythic Paint
8/5/11 06:45 PM

Looooove my CSA. One thing I started doing is adding veggies to my breakfast. I often do eggs in the morning, so some sauted zuchinnis and red onions or a bit of wilted swiss chard or spinich goes great on the side. I can not wait to pick up my first share this year.

How to Get the Most Out of Your CSA
6/3/11 05:06 PM

I have been told that bidets (or a hose hooked up to the toilet) in the middle east are very common because there isn't enough water for toilet paper to flush. When they do use toilet paper, it must be thrown in a bin.

Also, a hot bath during a cold winter day is absolute heaven.

Once Standard Bathroom Fixtures We've Left Behind
5/26/11 09:34 AM

You have some very beautiful furniture. Your home feels like it belongs to a kid's free spirited aunt that loves playing dress up and singing to records with her nieces. And I mean that in the best way possible.

Gina’s Vintage Bohemian Home
House Tour

5/25/11 10:13 AM

This is pretty awesome. It could even make it easier for firefighters to locate the nearest hydrant. I wonder how Chicago would feel about something like this? I just hope no trees start growing in the new park.

'No Park' Emergency Gardens
5/11/11 02:19 PM

Thanks marzapane and royal princess. I also just discovered colored chalkboard paints: that might be fun directly on the wall.

Inspiring Art in the Kitchen
5/6/11 10:50 AM

This is only slightly related, but I am moving in a few weeks. My new rental kitchen has no backsplash and I was thinking about hanging some decorative paper up. Does anyone have a suggestion on how to do this? Cheepo frames lined up next to each other? Glued on to masonite board and sealed with a couple coats of poly? Any other ideas that are cheap to execute? Thanks. Also, pottery in the kitchen in an excellent idea.

Inspiring Art in the Kitchen
5/6/11 10:04 AM

Art in the kitchen is nice. Just make sure it isn't too valuable of delicate. The kitchen can have a lot of humidity and temperature changes. In some houses it can also have grease in the air on occasion. And if you hang something directly above the stove, assume that it could be ruined, even if it has glass in front.

Inspiring Art in the Kitchen
5/6/11 09:44 AM

Will the planks begin to warp if they are not mounted on something besides those little strips on wood? Also, will the cracks in between the boards get gross if food spills on them? The pictures do look nice though.

Super Simple DIY Trendy Dining Table

5/4/11 09:42 AM

I don't know if this is helpful, but have you seen the "living in" section of design sponge? Here is the Amelie post:

How To Achieve The Amelie Style?
Good Questions

5/4/11 09:15 AM

I second RosieGreenie's comment. A fresh chunk might be more appealing looking.

A Cocktail for Apricot Lovers: The Knicker Twist
Straight Up Cocktails and Spirits

4/11/11 09:07 AM

I have to chime in again. I lived in Cairo for seven years. I just went back to visit last year as well. I never remember seeing kushari sold as street food like you would see a hot dog or pretzel here. It is just hard to eat on the go. There is sauces and a pile of carbs and beans. You can easily find it in the cafes though. Given that, I wouldn't call it a common street food. My family would also like to eat it with some yogurt as well as the sauce recipe given.

Egyptian Street Food at Home: Koshary
3/24/11 04:43 PM

Kusherie is indeed delicious and easy to make. I don't ever remember seeing it with chick peas though. It might still be good.

Egyptian Street Food at Home: Koshary
3/18/11 01:03 PM

sarrazak: I think it is decorative italian paper. You can find it at art stores or online like here:

Winter Reading Wishlist: Subscriptions & Cookbooks!
12/14/10 01:44 PM

Another vote for "not my style". I bet my aunt would though.

Tips for Creating a White Winter Wonderland
HGTV's Celebrity Holiday Homes

12/8/10 01:07 PM

What a happy looking, relaxed party. Cole also looks like lots of fun and mischief!

My Party: Cole
Linville, VA

11/10/10 06:17 PM

I did my wedding invites as a linocut. For people worried about having enough control when they cut, there is also a product called "speedycut" that cuts like butter. You can find it at art stores. Also, I found adding a little retarder to the ink helped keep things fresh when printing a pile of invites.

How To Linoleum Print Cards And Invites
11/3/10 02:08 PM