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A couple of favorites:
Spicy peanut noodles
Lentil salad
Red wine and caramelized mushroom risotto (just put the goat cheese on the side and use vegetable stock instead of chicken stock)
Roasted eggplant with tomatoes and mint (just make a few without the cheese)
Quinoa tabbouleh
Pan-roasted green beans with almonds
Wild mushrooms on toast
Or, for brunch, zucchini bread.

Good luck!!

Help Me Make a Vegetarian, Lactose-Free Side Dish for Easter BrunchGood Questions
4/6/12 11:37 AM

Both of us were tremendously picky eaters, and we've branched out by cooking familiar foods with a few unusual ingredients or flavors.

Our local fruit market has lots of spices for food from different backgrounds. If he'll eat cheese and pasta, try saag paneer, goat cheese enchiladas, truffled macaroni gratin, ricotta gnocchi, penne frittata, or fondue (Gruyere works well with bread, green apples, and veggies).

If he'll eat potatoes, go for garden vegetable gratin, rosemary roast potatoes, or potato and leek soup. Potato pizza's great, too.

Try a twist on latkes with courgette fritters, or bruschetta made with grilled eggplant or sweet potatoes in place of bread. Rather than your usual pizza, try cauliflower pizza. Instead of cheese ravioli, maybe your boyfriend can go for mushroom and Mascarpone or butternut squash with butter sage sauce. It takes time, but having a familiar flavor can relax the palate, making it possible to work in a couple of other flavors. Once those become familiar, you can branch out even further.

Good luck!

Best Strategies to Help Picky Eaters Try New Foods?
Good Questions

1/14/11 12:41 PM

Pardon the link!

Etsy Finds: Vintage Cookie Cutters
12/17/10 03:18 PM

Does anyone have suggestions for getting cookies out of that sort of cookie cutter? Flour? Toothpicks?

I received the twisting robot cookie cutter</a href> last year and the dough always gets stuck!

Etsy Finds: Vintage Cookie Cutters
12/17/10 03:17 PM

Rosemary trees are great, but if you want to do right by your tree after Christmas, don't plant it outside! You can keep it potted all year and bring it outdoors once the warm spring weather arrives.

Here are some tips to keep your tree healthy:

Look! Rosemary Trees At Whole Foods
11/3/10 02:01 PM