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Save the leaves (which in the photo seem to be serrated) I would thought those are "pingüicas". Pinguicas are quite diuretic and used in many preparations, but particularly in "agua fresca", a beverage with lime, pinguicas, mint and sugar. My grandmother used to make a puree with these to go with pork.

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9/30/11 03:56 PM

Hi, Clau.

I am amazed at how much your kitchen looks like that of my second apartment. Even from the outside! Loved that apartment... it was in Cuenca and Andalucia. This has been suggested before, I think. At the time money was an issue; I got two fridge units from a lab I worked at the time. Those fridges where the size of mini bars, like 80 cm tall. I put them in a L-shape at the rear of the kitchen, next to the sink, and bought a piece of counter that rest above the fridges, just like in the suggestions for the ubiquitous file cabinet desk. Used open shelving in the kitchen, and extended the half wall with a remanent of the counter, that provided a nice bar/table. Nice thing about the fridges was that the were lab units, and they did not have a freezer section. But each unit was able to be regulated from -8 to 20 ºC. So I used one the unit as a freezer and the other as a regular fridge. Loved that much space in the freezer!

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9/29/11 12:34 PM

Horchata syrups and concentrates are quite popular in Mexico, since, well... Horchata is quite popular. I am sure that Jarabes Tucan exports horchata concentrates, so it would be simple to search for those, I imagine. But then... having some rice fluor makes for a perfect instant substitute. Just mix in a blender some rice fluor, sugar, cinnamon, milk if you want with water and that is it. I would use like 1 cup of fluor for a half gallon of water, but then, you can adjust that at your own preference.

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8/17/11 01:31 PM

I am curious regarding if that freshwater shrimp would be similar to "acociles de leche" In Mexico we call acociles the endemic species of crawfish, usually similar to a shrimp but of deep orange colors. Acociles de leche, on the other hand, are more yellowish, and live in the brackish waters of Veraccruz river, especially in the north. This specie is migratory, beginning life in the upper parts of the liver, and in the rain season migrating to the brackish zones near to the Gulf.

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6/23/11 12:24 PM

Simple technique. My son calls it the "tortero" technique, as it is quite common to see people making tortas using the light tap with the knife to dislodge the pit. Some of the more apt will dislodge the pit, cut some slice of the pulp, put it in the bread and in the same motion dislodge the put from the knife, in the very same motion. Quite impressive.

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6/18/11 12:14 PM

Guau... And I thought I was quite paranoid, living in Mexico City and all that. Certainly, with all due precautions, I would have opened just after asking who was and what do they want...

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3/21/11 12:36 PM

I have a molcajete, of course. Kind of a fixture in every mexican house :D
An a small marble mortar for spice.

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3/9/11 11:03 AM

I've been living the last... 5 years without a stove, using electric skillets. While I kinda miss the precision and control of a gas stove, centainly it is nothing that you won't overcome with a little practice -thick bottommed dishes help as well. About a year ago I bought home a big toaster oven, and I am very happy about it.

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3/9/11 10:51 AM

I would say that mexican cuisine uses mainly three chesses:
1) Queso Fresco: that is quite similar to mozzarela, lightly salted, and often served in a more seric form without to much salt, widely named "Panela"
2) Queso Oaxaca: A string cheese similar to your Monterey Jack
3) Queso Cotija: A salted and dry matured queso fresco. When cured with species or chili it is called queso Ranchero.

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2/3/11 01:26 PM

I do usually use a cheese grater, but only when I have to get a big portion of zest; otherwise, I just use a ginzu peeler knife; the serrated blade allows to quickly zest a couple lemons or oranges, and I save myself the washing of the grater. :)

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11/3/10 01:10 PM