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In the Fall of 2008 I moved from Chicago to New York for a dream job at a major auction house. My mom found this moving company online that was a "great deal" so I just went with her suggestion. They were called Executive Relocation Movers. They came into my Wrigleyville apartment, packed up my entire world, high-fiving me when they were done and ensuring me that they'd see me soon on the other end....

I arrived in NYC the same day that Lehman Brothers crashed...All of my earthly belongings did not. No bed, no bags, no kitchen, no NOTHING except the small crap I stuffed into my rental car. Here I was, starting this new job at the epicenter of the Art Market at the chic-est Auction House in the world with some of the best dressed socialites in New York; and I had to go to work everyday rotating the same three dorky outfits. It was a complete disaster. Lucky for me, the stock market had crashed so low, that I was able to begin to replace all of my possessions with classics that were deeply discounted. After nothing was resolved for three months, and fall turned into winter and the new boots and coats had already been purchased, I had completely lost all hope. But then, I received a call from my lawyer/sister in Chicago. It turns out she had gotten all Elle Woods on some jerks in Evanston and eventually uncovered my stuff in some random residential garage. Only one box with souvenoirs from Africa was never recovered. By the time this was all worked out and my stuff was unpacked and I was living peacefully in my Upper East Side studio, it was mid-February. I was laid off two and half months later. Exasperated and without the job I moved there for, i threw my hands up in the air and decided to get the ell out of there. I sold absolutely everything to the girl I was subletting to for $200 and moved home to Cleveland.

What's Your Worst Moving Horror Story?
8/1/11 07:04 PM

How wonderful! Thank you for sharing. I was just watching "The Young Philadelphians" with Paul Newman the other day, wondering to myself where one would find a good butler these days...

Be Your Own Butler: Helpful Hints For The Rest Of Us
6/17/11 02:36 PM

Hey Austin! We do a similar program here in Philly called POST (philadelphia open studio tours)
Wish we could make it !

Austin's East Austin Studio Tour!
11/3/10 10:07 AM