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I love how the dogs' fur is the same texture as the pillows and throws. Amazing place, very cozy and I love the giant windows.

Abigail Ahern's Dark and Dramatic East London Home House Tour
7/11/14 04:37 PM

Marcona Almonds with Rosemary, beyond awesome.

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7/8/14 02:39 PM

Love this place and love her dogs! Gorgeous windows and great views.

Abby's Fabled South End Townhouse House Tour
7/7/14 06:07 PM

I'd say it's more glamorous than functional, very chic! Functional sounds plain and builder-grade, this place has way more vavoom than that!

Lori and John's Functional Modern Home House Tour
6/6/14 02:24 PM

Ina with a touch of Rachael Ray.

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6/5/14 07:19 PM

I love you! I want to be you, you're so cool! This is my fantasy home and your puppy is a doll, too. Fantastic place. Best of all, you're not a millennial, you're too cool and fearless for them and someone for them to aspire to be!

Valorie's Bold New Orleans Home House Tour
6/5/14 07:02 PM


Before & After Room Transformation: Colleen & Pete's Attic to Bedroom Suite
5/20/14 02:05 PM

Teeny house but I LOVE the terraced back yard! With SoCal weather being what it is, you get tons of use out of it. I'm sooooo jealous, my backyard is practically non-existent, more like a dog run. Great job, love your place.

Chris & Damian's Updated 1898 Echo Park Home House Tour
5/16/14 02:10 PM

Clean and airy without feeling cold, and those dogs were the cherry on the sundae! Great place, I'm envious!

Erin's Modern Loft House Tour
5/13/14 02:07 PM

I just loved this house, great color choices and it looks like a fun place to party! Once I saw that kegerator...

Matt & Mel's Animated Abode House Tour
5/13/14 01:57 PM

Hooray, another post from a baby boomer, not a millennial!!! LOVE this place with its touches of bold color and the awesome artwork!

Bernadette's Cool, Colorful & Contemporary Austin Home House Tour
5/12/14 06:03 PM

You can tell I don't have any kids, I thought the teepee was for the dog! Cute place, esp. your daughter's room!

Carrie & Hal's Modern Bohemian Home House Tour
5/5/14 08:49 PM

I love this place!!! The flowers, the Mongolian pillows, all the girly touches! Beautiful. One question: what is the paint color in the living room? It's very subtle, love it.

Meg's Classic Glamor Apartment House Tour
5/1/14 07:41 PM

Wow, wow and WOW! Spectacular transformation, the old kitchen was just sad and depressing (and looked a lot like my present kitchen)! My favorite part was the small sink over the drawer dishwasher, that is the perfect solution for my teeny kitchen, I'd never seen or thought you could do something like that -- may I ask what the brand of dishwasher you used?

Jennifer's Small Space Kitchen Renovation: The Big Reveal Renovation Diary
5/1/14 06:39 PM

I want to live here with your dogs.

Coppy's Traditional Meets Modern Loft House Tour
4/23/14 05:41 PM

I love the blue and brightness but hate the open shelving look for two reasons: (1) I find it messy-looking and (2) living in earthquake country, that's just an invitation for a huge mess of broken glass and crockery at the next temblor.

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4/14/14 06:58 PM

FINALLY an "older" couple! The dog is beyond precious and I esp. loved the colors in the bedroom and the kitchen remodel, esp. those windows. Bravo!

Nancy & Andy's Colorful, Handcrafted Home House Tour
4/9/14 02:47 PM

I want her shoes! Gorgeous home.

Maureen's Classic & Comfy Austin Abode House Tour
3/31/14 09:26 PM

Oh how I love! And the pup, too adorable! Love it.

Eileen's Elegant & Airy Townhouse House Tour
3/28/14 05:23 PM

Check with your city to see if they have any programs for making houses more senior-friendly -- installing shower/tub bars, outside handrails or ramps, etc. A lot are low-cost or free.

Moving Downstairs: Thinking About Design as We Get Older With 10 Links To Start The Conversation
3/17/14 02:40 PM