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We have the hop pop and my daughter loves it! Best potty I ever tried!

Potty Talk: 10 Best Potties
10/25/11 04:37 AM

The beds look like the Sebra toddler beds to me

Tranquil Shared Bedroom In The Attic
Wicked & Weird

9/23/11 06:10 PM

I have the Porsche bobby car and a 'normal' red bobby car for my daughter (22 months). And guess what? She prefers the normal one by far! Mainly because it is slimmer than the Porsche car which makes it a lot easier to ride... I hope she'll be able to use the Porsche car when she is a little taller - it is daddy's dream that his little girl drives a Porsche as well ;-)

When Ride On Kid's Cars Go High End

9/14/11 12:39 PM

I had the same problem - a non magnetic fridge. I solved it by mounting self-adesive magnetic chalkboard foil on the kitchen door. Super easy & lots of entertainment for my two year old while I am cooking!

Oil Drip Pan Magnet Board
Nic and Kate

9/9/11 09:24 AM

I did not use a bumper either as my daughter wanted to see what was going on. What if you use a sleeping bag? It worked brilliant for me. I am living in a very hot climate. Therefore I had two different sleeping bags: A very thin one for daytime naps and a thicker one for the night (when the AC is on).

Alternatives to Crib Bumpers
Good Questions

7/21/11 01:46 PM

Beautiful - I love the green floor seat. Could you tell me were you found it? I'd love to have one for my little girl...

Quentin's All Purpose Room
Small Kids, Big Color Entry #8

11/2/10 12:00 PM