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Drape a throw over it? I love you guys, really, but does this insanely basic idea warrant an official posting here? I hate to be "one of those" commenters, but I feel pretty strongly that everyone who reads this would have already thought of it.
Coming up on Kitchn: I've been loving the classic simplicity of my homemade granola for breakfast lately. But, I can't help but think it's too dry and difficult to chew easily for my gentle morning routine. My solution? Pour some milk over it.

Quick Fix: An Instant Bedroom Style Update
5/31/13 11:02 AM

FYI, RE: Proudest DIY -
That is NOT a DIY. Removing your drawers and doors and then paying someone else to paint them is not really DIY. Sorry. I mean, they look great - but, just sayin...

Anna & Luby's Home Meets Showroom
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3/9/11 01:28 PM

Can you enlighten as to the common use of the term guéridon in fine dining restaurants. From working in such restaurants over the years, whose service standards have stemmed from traditional french dining service, the table used to store extra silverware, linens, occasionally wine glasses, etc. also used as a side station for the server, is always called a guéridon. In my experience these such stations have always been more like buffet tables, with drawers, cabinets, etc. D you know how this came to be? Can we stillaccurately refer to such buffet-like tables as guéridons?

Quick History: Guéridons

2/10/11 02:29 PM