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i don't listen to death metal at all but i guess i spend far too much time at ikea... i got 18 out of 20! :D

Ikea or Death: Can You Tell Cute Furniture From Death Metal Bands? Adweek
10/17/13 11:26 AM

it's kind of funny how the emphasis of the article is on the easy coordination of the black and white decals with colourful beddings .... and all the pictures have white/neutral ones :D

Stick It! Black & Gray Decal Headboards
4/5/13 10:28 AM

since you like the big items, how about just playing around with the small, like having more colourful cushions - red, orange or even turquoise? -, a bright throw and perhaps a big green live plant where the white vase with flowers is? art is very personal, but just maybe something a little less structured, and with more white? grey needs a lot of white to make it work, i feel. good luck!

What's Needed in This Room? Good Questions
9/25/12 09:33 AM

nice! though i half wish you hadn't sanded it so well, i can imagine it could just as easily have looked more industrial that way

Before & After: IKEA Granas Table Gets a Rustic Makeover
8/27/12 10:41 AM

but that goes for reading *all* articles on AT, you have to click *read more*. how (and why) should this suddenly be different just because the entry contains a video? you can't watch a house tour just by clicking on the main picture either. at least you skip one process by being able to watch it one this page rather than opening yet another page ;)

One Minute Tip: How to Repurpose a Door Knob Apartment Therapy Videos
7/17/12 07:31 PM

i am using google chrome and i watched the video right here, didn't have to go anywhere, and one click was all it needed. and it was in glorious HD even :D

One Minute Tip: How to Repurpose a Door Knob Apartment Therapy Videos
7/17/12 07:23 AM

what urbancricket said. refinish it if the orange hue is too much for you. and reupholster the present chairs (if applicable) or get more modern chairs, or even mix up vintage and modern chairs.

since the docksta is an ikea you can easily dismantle it and store elsewhere or use it in a breakfast nook perhaps?

Quality or Style: When Compromise is Necessary, Which One Wins?
7/2/12 10:53 PM

love that couch! one question though - where is your dining area?

Caroline's Elegant Simplicity Small Cool Contest
4/25/12 10:22 PM

It's an IKEA Stockholm TV bench. I don't know if it's still available in the US, but here in Malaysia I have been eyeing it for quite a while!

Can Anyone Help Identify This Cabinet? Good Questions
3/26/12 10:21 AM

i had the same problem with the SAMTID table lamp. And no, the bulb wasn't too hot, it was a CFL energy saving one within the prescribed range. But the shade warped anyway. At the moment I just have some soft packing tissue paper bundled around it to diffuse the light, until I get a more permanent solution. I think we both need to try and figure out how to build a better shade. I loved that lamp but after it warped it just looked sad. Good luck with yours!

Replacement Shade for Ikea SAMTID Lamp?
Good Questions

10/10/11 11:30 AM

love that radiohead poster/ad! yes it should definitely be framed. i framed the poster i got with the special edition cd of the same album, and the colours make me happy. possibly the only stanley donwood i can afford in this lifetime :D

Amanda's Ashbury Heights Victorian
House Call

9/26/11 08:06 PM

the anthropologie one is an audiowood, as is this one. so it's probably safe to say he designed that one as well.

Chipmunk Turntable by Joel Scilley
Design Showcase 2011

9/26/11 07:56 PM