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It is beautiful but I agree with the earlier comments that it does not look realistic. I almost feel like this is a 3D rendering of the project. Especially in the first picture the way the pillows in front of the glass are not being reflected on the glass even though they are directly in front of it. The shadows seem so unrealistic.

Amy's Pearl District Remodel
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12/11/11 11:48 PM

You forgot a blackboard with a jar of chalk next to it, that is a good way to have people personalize and have fun in your home. If you also do magnetic paint with the chalk paint it is very functional.

Ever-Evolving Artwork: Get Your Friends In On It!
9/28/11 05:13 PM

If you wanted to you could buy cork rolls or cork boards and cut them the same size as the existing tile (make sure to leave a reveal in order for the tile to sit on the track). Or you could go on Armstrong and see what selection they have for residential or commercial ceiling tiles, they have a wide variety of wood, metal tiles. If you want to mimic the look of metal, go to Home Depot and buy the decorative metal sheets and use that as a cover, it could be a cool industrial look. They had this Union Jack pattern online but I think the store has more patterns.

Color Ideas & How To Cover Ceiling Tiles?
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11/1/10 11:45 PM