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So much easier to accomplish if your spouse or significant other is into the program, too...Sadly, mine is not.

Get Inspired: Ideas from Beautifully Organized Homes
1/5/11 05:33 PM

Love it, but 2500 square feet or whatever is not a typical apartment size. Our house is way less than that. I'm used to Apartment Therapy featuring small spaces.

Erica & Harry Combine Forces at the Setai
House Tour

11/19/10 01:38 PM

Very beautiful.

Mary and Tom's Hip & Historic Haven
House Tour

11/13/10 03:01 PM

I like the idea, too, even though it would only be good for a few months at most...(I had a 9 month old who could climb up the ladder to his big brother's bunk bed. Scary!)

Hanging Cradle

11/10/10 02:33 PM

Until I saw the dog, I thought it was an extremely clever doll's bed, which my grandaughter would love. But my dog might like it, too.

Before & After: Roadside Treasure Transformation
The Speckled Dog

11/7/10 10:28 AM

My rescued Jack Russell is afraid of a spoon dropping, let alone a vacuum. I think this thing would put her over the edge for good!

Dyson Wants To Vacuum Your Pets
11/7/10 10:24 AM

Warm and inviting. BTW...what kind of dog is that??

Gary & Barbara's Park Hill Home
House Call

11/3/10 12:22 AM

I'm moving to Vancouver, Washington from the Bay Area in California...What are your recommendations for colors of ceilings and walls?

Swedish Interiors To Get You Through a Dark Winter
11/1/10 09:17 AM