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Most of these rooms still look great to me! If the lighting in the pics were a tad brighter, it would be hard to define the era in several of them (except for some of the old technology!). And I agree, the advice is still very useful.

Style Time Capsule: Decorating Advice from 1975
6/13/14 12:24 PM

Artist, I did find that they are a German company (the umlaut should have given it away!). But if you have a picture that would be great. Thank you again!

NY Good Questions: Adjustable Table Legs?
10/30/10 04:12 AM

This message is for Artist: By chance do you have a picture of your adjustable crank table that you can share? Do you know if this company is German? The reason I ask is that I live in Germany and getting items shipped to me from the U.S. is extremely difficult. Thanks for your help!

NY Good Questions: Adjustable Table Legs?
10/30/10 04:08 AM