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The floodgates are now open for me to eat a quart of fro-yo a day without spending $8 on a tiny cup. I can't fit the ice cream maker's insert in my tiny freezer!

Jeni Britton Bauer Shows How To Make Ice Cream in a Food Processor Video
5/24/12 10:02 AM


Non-Ugly Outdoor Toddler Swings? Good Questions
5/23/12 12:43 PM

No useful comment, but Bayview is the best! My husband was raised there with his grandparents and the neighborhood has a great old Milwaukee blue collar feel.

How To Cover Exposed Fluorescent Tubes? Good Questions
5/16/12 11:20 AM

You had me at "Ceramic Goat Head." Great nursery! Way to pull everything together. With nurseries this put together I always wonder what they'll look like once the primary colored BPA free plastic toys and teethers come out! This one would still be cute.

Bea's Sunny Soothing Room My Room
5/15/12 10:03 AM

My grandparents did this! They were dairy farmers so they also cut a hole in 25-50 gallon drums and hung them from ropes so we could spin in them until we threw up (possibly from the Roundup or lord knows what other chemical residues were originally in the drums!)

DIY Swing from a 5 Gallon Bucket EcoProjecteer
5/10/12 04:52 PM

Really glad it wasn't a toilet.

Can You Guess What Secret This Chair is Hiding?
5/7/12 04:35 PM

Oh my god this is so cool. That being said, my three sisters and myself would have had epic horrible battles if we hadn't been separated into smaller groups of two. Hairbrushes would have been thrown.

Opting Into a Room for Four Googiemama
4/27/12 03:28 PM

This is an amazing umbrella type stroller, great for travel:

Help My Family with Toddling around Paris? Good Questions
4/24/12 04:56 PM

This looks great but I've used those legs on furniture and they're not stable at all. Mostly for furniture that doesn't have to move or bear unsteady amounts of weight. A little bit of torque can wrench the whole thing off.

Add Colorful Legs to Your Bed Morning by Foley
4/24/12 09:33 AM

Well, half of the cribs being shown without bumpers is an improvement. Seriously, what's with all of the bumpers? Not safe.

Nautical and Underseas Nurseries & Kids Rooms
4/20/12 05:28 PM

I showed this to my husband and he said "But then where do you shove all of your junk? These people obviously don't camp." He has a point. Maybe they have basement storage or a garage and not just two closets for all of their worldly junk.

Closet Envy (But Not the Kind You're Thinking...) Roundup
4/18/12 03:59 PM

I don't understand why we still see so many bumpers in cribs. They're a SIDS risk that smother a few kids a year and don't prevent any injuries to the baby.

Major's Majorly Chic Dual Purpose Nursery My Room
4/18/12 01:41 PM

This might be why so many of our great (bug free) pieces aren't selling on Craigslist. Or maybe it's that the market is saturated with spring cleaning.

Will Steam Cleaning Kill the Wee Critters? Good Questions
4/11/12 10:02 AM

I switched to an exercise ball. It's less of an eyesore than I thought and I'd never go back.

The 6 Things You Need to Look for in a Home Office Chair
4/10/12 05:10 PM

Moving into an apartment with a 7x12 master bedroom/office. Thanks, Eliz, for posting links to actually small bedrooms! Going to use curtains to "canopy" the bed so I can sleep while my husband is working late.

10 Small Bedrooms Organized by (Big!) Style
4/10/12 10:51 AM

I see treehouses and immediately think "Spiders!" My friend's treehouse also became the temporary home of two vagrants when he was a kid.

Anne's Cantilevered Treehouse My Great Outdoors
4/9/12 03:51 PM

This is great! My mom grew up in a 3 bedroom farmhouse with 8 siblings plus a few foster kids at any given point. The two girls shared a double bed in the tiny bedroom and the boys were in barracks style 3-stack bunk beds that my grandpa built. I'll show this to my husband as proof you can keep more than 2 kids in the same room!

Three's Company: Tips for Creating Rooms for 3 Or More Kids
4/5/12 02:21 PM

Totally doing this as one final "gift" to our apartment before moving. So much beautiful hardware ruined!

Chemical-Free Paint Removal in a Slow Cooker The Family Handyman
3/30/12 01:56 PM

Recently, how will a toddler pull him/herself up on this and will it topple from the strain.

Also due to the toddler: can this be hosed off?

Lifestyle Choices: What Do You Think About When Picking Furniture?
3/29/12 04:36 PM

Our pillows are at least 16 years old and we're only 25. One of my husband's down pillows may have been passed down a few generations, too, based on the fabric pattern and his family habits. I've been using my pillows since grade school. I recently realized how gross they actually are especially since we're both major droolers.

We have them in protectors and cases, but I think a good wash is scheduled for tonight. We're both very picky so I'm intimidated about replacing them.

When Did You Last Replace Your Pillows & Mattress? Reader Survey
3/28/12 04:21 PM