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Fabulous!!! Both in design and execution. Though my husband and I were super thankful for every single gift given to us when expecting our first baby, those who gave food earned a special place in our hearts. No matter how cute those onesies and tiny socks might be, they tend to lack flavor and I'm unsure of their nutritional value ;) ...and to any reviewer who scoffs at the inclusion of beer - a big HA! One occasional beer totally helps with let down. I was a birth center mom like @ALLIECNM mentioned and we were beyond thankful to go home, sleep in our own bed as a family and know that we had a nice meal waiting in the kitchen.

The New Baby Taco Box
3/25/12 11:41 AM

*Gray - as in the color, not Gary. LOL.

Rory & Quinn's Double Fantasy
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4/9/11 09:13 AM

What an awesome room. We also waited to find out the sex and wanted to go gender-neutral with out going gender-blah. [We went aqua blue for the walls and now I worry it may be a touch too feminine to last my sweet boy very much longer. Gary is definitely on our list.] I can't imagine doing it for two babies! Also, I just love the expression on your husband's face in the final photo where you guys are holding the twins - so sweet. ...and to echo many others here, you did carry those darling babies beautifully through pregnancy.

Rory & Quinn's Double Fantasy
Nursery Tour

4/9/11 09:12 AM

As someone completely new to this can anyone clarify whether you give gifts to ONLY the teachers/caregivers in your child's room? or to all of them? My son is 6 mos. and though there are main caregivers in his room they do have some employees that sub in and out of rotation for the baby room. All in all, I would say I'm talking about 6-8 people with 3 main caregivers as constants. Thanks!

Ideas for Holiday Gift for Daycare Providers
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10/28/10 03:42 PM