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Very cool house! I think she's getting a lot of votes because bloggers are blogging about this entry. I don't visit AT everyday. I came over here via 2 blogs that linked to her entry.

Julia's A-Frame
4/22/11 02:00 PM

When my husband and I bought our house last year, we had a few small dinners with close friends and families to share our new home with, but no big party. We chose to buy an older home and are renovating it, so it is not "complete" enough to have a lot of people over. 4-5 years ago, I had friends that would buy a newly built house, furnish and decorate it quickly, then have a big housewarming party. I'm wondering if the trend is moving away from brand new homes - if people are choosing to buy an old home and renovate instead. This makes the process to decorate and make it "yours" a little bit longer. We are thinking it would be at least another year before our home is complete.

Do You Throw Housewarming Parties?
3/10/11 11:50 AM

I am having a new closet system put in as well, most of it is in, except for some drawers on back-order! So I know how you feel. I agree with those who are saying to purge through your stuff and use this as an opportunity to get rid of some stuff that you no longer need. I am using the guest bedroom closet in the interim, but if you don't have another bedroom with a closet, maybe you can hang some frequently worn items in a hall/coat closet. Get some containers out and store away all your out-of-season clothes, shoes, accessories in another place. Then your bedroom will not feel as overwhelmed.

Help! Suggestions for a Closet in Limbo?
3/3/11 03:06 AM

I clean and save jars and cool whip containers for storing things later. I have a cabinet half full, just in case!

I'm My Own Grandma Accepting The Inevitable
2/25/11 01:34 PM

The house I live in now was custom built for the previous owners. When they sold it to us -they gave us the original blueprints that were hand drawn by the architecture firm. It was really neat to see what the original plan was, because they did not end up doing some of the things in the original plan. It was also really cool to have a hand drawn blue print - those are rare nowadays. We framed them and put them up in our living room as art.

Look! Artwork Found in the Basement
2/10/11 10:56 AM

An update on the 2x2 bed frame. I ended up taking the bed frame back to the store and exchanging it for the chunky frame. The store manager said that they have had lots of issues with the 2x2 frame and it is being discontinued, which explains why it was on sale for such a good price. If you do purchase one and it doesn't fit, take it back for a different frame.

How Should Mattress Fit in My New West Elm Bed?
Good Questions

11/6/10 05:34 PM

I purchase this same bed frame recently and I am having the exact same issue. Has anyone in this forum purchased a 2x2 frame that does fit a mattress properly? I don't think it was a one off defect, I think the frame is poorly designed. My mattress does not fit the frame width-wise. Customer service wasn't very helpful, they just told me that the slates show for decorative purposes, but did not explain why the mattress does not fit. They told me to call the store and return it, but that means I have to borrow a truck again, take the bed apart and take back to the store. What a pain.

How Should Mattress Fit in My New West Elm Bed?
Good Questions

10/28/10 02:13 PM