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Really loved listening to weightless. It could go really well with my hypnotherapy especially because I'e been trained as a musician and almost every other song begs me to figure out what the next part of the pattern is.

Study Determines This Is the Most Relaxing Song Ever
2/18/13 02:25 AM

Beautiful! Nothing like a clean place and mindfulness to keep ya' happy.

Step by Step: Simple Ways to Start Creating Your Own Happiness at Home
1/29/13 01:56 PM

What is the source of the colorful chair in the first picture?

A Loft of Lofty Workspaces and Desks
7/24/12 08:37 PM

I really love the photos that didn't get put in the book. It's always interesting to see the people who made their homes into something so vibrantly personal.

Chapter 9 - Apartment Therapy is a Community
Ten Things You Need to Know about Apartment Therapy

2/6/12 05:15 PM

The bathroom is especially stunning.

A Modern Version of Pastels
Professional Project by Pia Richter

2/3/12 12:11 PM

Beach for sure! I recently got converted when I lived about a mile away for a few months and Oohh....what I was missing....

Quick Summer Survey: Beach or Pool?
7/26/11 06:04 PM

My inner love of fish is definitely screaming that this is amazing!!! I would love this!

Clearly Special: A Hotel Bedroom Under the Sea
7/15/11 09:40 PM


Can You Tell Which Chair Costs More Than a New Car?
Design Quiz

7/2/11 02:42 AM

Aw. Too perfect.

Weekend Meditation: Letting Go of the Day
4/14/11 08:05 AM

I love how Apartment Therapy combines two of my greatest interests. Good organization, and providing for people. Since I was young I often was frustrated by bad organization and the time I lost looking for the keys.
When I said that I was going to major in Interior Design people would often say, " Oh, so you like decorating houses." It made the profession sound so easy and pointless to put it that way and I despised it!
I'm glad to have a community of people who understand that it's more than the looks of a living space that makes it a home, it's the way it's used and how it serves the people who want to really live.

Ten Things You Need to Know about Apartment Therapy
Part 2 - Your Home is a Path, Not a Place

4/12/11 01:50 AM

Reading AT has solidified my decision to get a degree in design. Thanks a bunch!

Ten Things You Need to Know about Apartment Therapy
Intro & Part 1

3/29/11 04:59 AM

I recently moved to China to teach English with a group of other Americans. Since all of us are used to having plenty of heat and warmth indoors, it has been quite an adjustment to find that our apartments in China are hardly heated. Now we all wear a few pairs of leggings under everything, 2-3 sweaters, and a coat almost all the time. Lucky winter's almost over.

A Winter Without Heat (So Far!) Tips To Stay Warm
2/23/11 06:16 AM