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Thanks! The chairs are from crate & barrel.

Katelyn's "Modern Ocean" Room
11/7/11 05:31 PM

I got a smaller version at Bed, Bath & Beyond and used the coupon.

What's the Best Metro Shelving Option out There?
Good Questions

11/5/11 10:24 PM

The DWR annex was not as great as I had hoped. I would suggest visiting all of the Revivals locations (I think there are 3 or 4?).

Furniture Stores to Visit in Palm Springs?
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10/12/11 03:28 PM

Fell in love with the Urban Outfitters Globe pouf and am now heart broken to find that they won't ship it to California. Seriously?! That makes no sense at all.

Softening the Edges of a Contemporary Space
4/30/11 12:46 PM

To add to the drool-worthy shoe organizers - this one is my favorite. Someday I shall own one. Or two. And the shoes to fill it....



Shoe Organization
Product Roundup

1/4/11 01:21 PM

I think it's really all about preference and what you have to work with, but we have a rather large TV (56"?) and our architect told us 20 ft was optimal. Sounds like a lot but it's perfect for us.

PS: Beautiful new place!


Calculating Optimum Distance from Sofa to TV
1/4/11 12:44 PM

I'd glue some sort of very thin, rigid plastic or cardboard on to cover the entire door front then paint over it. You may have to caulk the edges to make it look more seamless.

Can I "Fake" Frameless Cabinets?
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11/18/10 09:56 PM

My husband just became self employed a few months ago, which allows him more time to help with household chores and be more involved with the kids. So we are all home together a lot and everyone is happy and less stressed. We have a little less financial security, but it's worth it. Too bad employers don't get it.

Does Sharing Housework Make Men Happier?
11/8/10 10:08 PM

If you really wanted to use it for magazines, you may be able to roll them up and have them stand vertically in a row (depending on how big they are). Otherwise, maybe use it for perfume bottles or vanity items and put a hook on either side for towels?

What Is This Thriftstore Find?
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10/26/10 08:55 PM