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Thanks for listening to the readers who requested that calorie counts and nutritional info be behind a link!

Nutrition Data Is Now Available on Recipes from The Kitchn Editor Announcement
7/24/14 11:18 PM

We made these tonight:
Delicious, filling and cheap. You only have to cook the rice, and you could do that in one big batch for the week. That blog also has other good hot weather recipes with minimal cooking.

What Are Some Good No-Cook or Oven-less Meals? Good Questions
7/20/14 08:52 PM

My husband and I use these plastic mason jar tumblers that have lids and straws for drinking water throughout the day. Mine is purple and his is green, so there's no mix ups. When we have guests or we drink something other than water, we get out glasses.

The Easiest Way to Do Fewer Dishes
7/20/14 08:26 PM

Also, spices are expensive, so buying a lot at once could easily run you close to $100.

What's In the Ideal Spice Cabinet? Good Questions
7/4/14 05:33 PM

Buy spices as you need them for a recipe, in no time you'll have all the basics for YOUR kitchen. Looking thru previous comments, some spices that others deemed essential are spices that I don't have or use very rarely, while some that I use frequently aren't on their lists. So it will really depend on what you like to cook.

What's In the Ideal Spice Cabinet? Good Questions
7/4/14 05:31 PM

Make grilled veggie kebabs - cherry tomatoes, pearl onions, eggplant, summer squash/zucchini. Brush with a marinade or a vinaigrette. Make sure that there are plenty of sides and salads (especially hearty ones like pasta salad and potato salad) that are vegetarian. And no "sneaky meat"! (What I mean by "sneaky meat" is things that are cooked in chicken broth, contain lard, or have small bits of meat - that is, things that do not obviously have meat.) My husband keeps kosher so we've become experts at finding "sneaky meat," but it makes his life so much easier when anything that has meat looks like meat.

What Vegetarian Recipes Should I Serve at My July 4th BBQ? Good Questions
7/1/14 07:41 PM

I always buy earring as souvenirs. They're small, can be inexpensive, and I get to remember where I got them whenever I wear them. My first pair of dangly earrings were purchased on a road trip when I was kid (and before I had actually had my ears pierced!), so I guess it's a tradition. (Those first earrings were metal cut outs of moose from an inn in Montana and I still wear them).

Bring the Holiday Home: Practical Souvenir Ideas for Design Lovers
7/1/14 07:35 PM

@pearmelon - I think you're doing dim sum wrong.

A DIY Wedding Reception for 200: 3 Things I Would Do Differently Gatherings from The Kitchn
6/24/14 11:34 PM

I love the ideas of having your restrictions/allergies written on a card and/or in the local language. If you have a severe allergy you might also want to consider wearing a medic alert bracelet or necklace. This could help you receive faster and more accurate health care if you are exposed to an allergen.

6 Tips for Traveling With Dietary Restrictions Travel Tips from The Kitchn
6/24/14 11:05 PM

Now this is the kind of wedding content I want to see on AT/the kitchn! Can't wait to read the rest.

A DIY Wedding Reception for 200: The Party Plan Gatherings from The Kitchn
6/17/14 10:10 AM

I agree with teatowel and DianaLyn, this is just mean and unnecessary. I'm tired of AT featuring wedding content - this isn't a wedding blog! There are plenty of wedding blogs out there, AT does not need to join their ranks.

Spot a Mason Jar? Play Pinterest Wedding Bingo Design News
6/15/14 10:47 PM

Living in NYC good bagels are easy to get so we always bring bagels on long trips/flights. They are filling, not too big, and won't get squashed easily in your carry-on. We usually bring two bagels per person (for one long day of travel) - one with cream cheese for breakfast, and another with cheese slices for lunch. We also pack dried fruit, granola bars, and a few treats like pieces of candy to keep us going.

What's Your Healthiest & Most Reliable Travel Snack? Reader Intelligence Request
6/14/14 11:41 PM

My husband has a Pley subscription. It's great because he gets to build the sets and then send them back so they don't clutter up our apartment. The subscription is way cheaper than buying, especially for the bigger sets. There have been some sets that are missing pieces (they supposedly check when the sets are returned), and the shipping takes a while because their warehouse is in CA and we're in NY.

Budget Living: How To Find Lego For Less
6/10/14 12:58 PM

It would be a big turn off to me to have diet and health information on the kitchn. There are other websites for that and I have no interest in them. I'm not interested in nutritional information or calorie counts, but if you do add them, please put it behind a link as others have suggested because it can be unhealthy/triggering for some people, especially those recovering from eating disorders.

I would love to see more of the features you do on specific ingredients and more food science/chemistry stuff (think Alton Brown's Good Eats). I also eat mostly vegetarian, so keep those meat-free recipes coming!

How Much Do You Want to Talk About Diet and Health at The Kitchn?
6/7/14 04:38 PM

BBQ sauce is surprisingly good on salmon. Thinly slice some lemons, place them on top of the salmon, then brush (or douse) with BBQ sauce. Bake or grill. I also make a great recipe called "lacquered salmon" from Kosher by Design Short on Time. Basically you make a sauce with whiskey, soy sauce, brown sugar and ginger then you spoon some crushed pineapple over the fillets and top with the sauce before baking. Any kind of teriyaki sauce would also be tasty.

What Are the Best Ways to Dress Up a Simple Salmon Fillet? Good Questions
6/5/14 04:39 PM

We pay $45 for internet and $15 for netflix, so $60/month. My husband's computer is set up in the living room near the TV, so the TV is basically just another monitor. We don't have cable, but we do use my in-laws' cable provider password to watch shows like Mad Men and Game of Thrones. Between netflix, hulu and online video services from cable networks we're able to watch pretty much anything we care about. (We don't watch sports).

Tell Us: How Do You Save Money on TV & Internet
6/5/14 04:33 PM

I totally agree! After a spell of "vacation eating" (love that term by the way), I usually crave salads or fresh juice. Thanks for framing this as listening to your body and staying away from moral statements or food guilt.

What I Call \"Eating Like I'm on Vacation\" Kitchen Diary: Kate in New York City
6/4/14 02:59 PM

As a few others have said, I think you should go dark on the walls. (If you are allowed to paint that is, which may not be possible if this is a rental). This will never be a bright and airy room so painting the walls bright white will only make it look sterile and sad.

Instead, think of a rich dark color for the walls and add attractive textures with the textiles in the room (rug, couch, throw blankets, etc.). Beyond that, read up a bit on basic lighting design and make sure you have at least 3 different light sources in the room that fulfill different functions.

Suggestions for Decorating Windowless Living Room? Good Questions
5/19/14 09:52 AM

Another option would be to go the other way and do a bold pattern by stenciling or wallpapering the door in a contrasting color (maybe a color from your wall hanging). The door is roughly the same size and weight in the room as the wall hanging, so they would read as a pair. Or do as others have suggested and add some artwork or a mirror (well-secured obviously) to the back of the door. Short version: blend it into the wall or make it standout in a good way.

How To Paint Front Door When It's in Your Living Room? Good Questions
5/5/14 10:43 PM

We like in NYC so Trader Joe's is WAY cheaper than any other grocery store here. We go about every 3 weeks to stock up on processed foods.
Crackers: cheddar rockets, everything crackers, multigrain crackers
Cookies: chocolate cats, ginger cats, chocolate chip oat cookies
Cereal - honey nut Joe's Os, frosted flakes, berry crunch
Granola bars - trail mix bars, strawberry filled bars (like Nutrigrain bars), crunchy bars (Like NatureValley bars)
Pasta - especially the gnocchi
sesame cashews
sesame pretzels
Shampoo and conditioner (yes they make bath products!) - the "tea tree tingle" line smells great and is sulfate free

(The OP can't buy these, but I love TJ's cheese, ice cream (they have a knockoff of Baskin Robbin's Gold Medal Ribbon that is great), and popsicles. The one by us also has kosher meat so we buy ground beef and chicken pieces to freeze).

What Are Your Favorite Trader Joe's Products? Good Questions
5/2/14 12:02 PM