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did you also make the cabinets between the fridge and the stove a bit narrower than what was there before?
Also would it be possible to post a picture of what that pantry cabinet looks like opened? (we have one similar to what you have in the before picture and it's terribly space inefficient width wise)

Before & After: Karin's Updated Scandinavian-Style Kitchen The Big Reveal
7/17/14 01:54 PM

This is exactly our kitchen but as a mirror image. Could I get the info on the source of the cupboards? And also maybe info on that tall pantry beside the fridge (on the left)? we're looking at demoing, and this was a perfect inspiration.

Before & After: Karin's Updated Scandinavian-Style Kitchen The Big Reveal
7/17/14 11:12 AM

you could always follow this post for building a cob oven (for pizza) in your backyard. At the very least, it's a humorous read:

5 Backyard Pizza Ovens Making Us Super Jealous Right Now
7/16/14 08:53 AM

oooo! this will be exactly on schedule with my own plans with the backyard rip-up and redo. Because we have a dog and dog visitors, we're also going to be putting in a small water feature that will act as a big water bowl (with circulating water) for the dogs in the summer. Thank goodness we haven't had a digging problem.

Introducing Laura's Garden Renovation Renovation Diary
5/13/14 02:52 PM

Looking forward to seeing more of this renovation as it happens.
I like the idea of all white/pale to open the space - will you be considering the high gloss white cabinets (like in your first inspiration picture?) over matte white? It might help light to bounce around more.

Inspiration for Jennifer's Kitchen Renovation Diary
4/9/14 01:56 PM

Where are the pendant lights from over the island? I'm currently sourcing something similar.

Kitchen Before & After: A Young Couple, a Fixer-Upper, and a Dream Kitchen Result Reader Kitchen Remodel
3/27/14 10:26 AM

Being in Canada there is snow, rain, mud, etc most of the year, so yes, shoes off. However, it's really a Canadian thing to not keep your shoes on, as I found when going Stateside to visit friends and kept removing my shoes out of habit to their weird looks.

That said, at the door we have slippers for visitors and a dedicated towel for the dog's paws so all the dirt, mud and snow sort of just stay in the front door area.

Zero Tolerance: Do You Have a Strict \"Shoes Off\" House?
3/14/14 11:34 AM

We did this in our apartment! It was a cheaper model of fridge so that on the front face and top there were plastic screw plugs that you could pop off and then transfer the handles over (and then put the plugs back on the side where the handles used to be. The hardest is taking the door off the hinges. A few screws and removing EVERYTHING from the doors help. Also awesome? once that door is off you can actually clean the base of the fridge in that gap you never could reach before.

Eleanor's Cure Project: A Little Thing That Makes a Big Difference Liveblogging the January Cure 2014
1/8/14 01:41 PM

a close second - and those that are stateside, there's the LanSu Chinese Garden in Portland, OR (built in 1988). http://www.lansugarden.org/about-the-garden/virtual-tour/

Garden Visit: Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden
11/21/13 01:53 PM

the kitchn just posted a vegan hot chocolate recipe earlier today - to be made in a slow cooker!!

you could sub out the chocolate for carob or vegan chocolate if you really want to go all vegan.

How Can I Make Vegan Hot Chocolate? Good Questions
10/24/13 03:46 PM

Hi! I've loved going through all of your renos - particularly your bathroom (as we're in the depths of full gutting/redoing at the moment). 2 questions to maybe help us:
1) the glass shower panel against the tile - how was that track installed along the tile? We had it in our plan to have a glass wall built up from a half-wall at the end of a bathtub up to the ceiling, but wasn't sure whether to put the glass track against the wall or onto the tile that would be along the backwall (around the tub).

2) what sort of space is back there with the toilet - with it in a nook of sorts, does it feel closed in, or comfortable?


Q&A with Faith & Mike Renovation Diary
8/23/13 09:48 AM

Trick for cutting butter into flour (when you don't have a food processor and you have warm hands):
freeze the butter and grate it with a cheese grater!
It breaks the butter up into those little flaky bits that you can just quickly toss around in the flour. Even mixture, lots of dispersed butter, and less melting!
Also, trick from my grandma on the water - if you feel you always add too much liquid - sub in vodka - it makes it easy to manage when rolling the dough, but it bakes away faster than water in the oven leaving you with the flaky crust.

How to Make a Pie from Start to Finish Cooking Lessons from The Kitchn
7/9/13 10:40 AM

trick to not overworking the butter, but ensuring it gets all around - freeze it, and use a cheese grater. Works on all my biscuits, scones, crusts (really anything that needs you to crumble in butter but not overwork the dough.

Baking Tip: The Secret to Taller, Flakier, and More Stately Scones
8/23/12 02:03 PM

We had a cheese cake for our autumn wedding - and by cheese cake - we picked out 3 of our favorite cheese rounds and stacked them decorating with wheat, leaves, concord grapes and figs. It was a surprise to everyone, but was enjoyed with the wine and light crackers/wafers we had to the side.

Ideas for a Gluten-Free Wedding Cake? Good Questions
7/25/12 09:14 AM

I also hate the wood block, but like having my knifes accessible on the counter. Luckily there's an awesome Canadian product that combines the block with easy to wash polypropylene inserts that can be pulled out and put in the dishwasher. Bonus - these hold any knife size for those of us with a random collection. I love my block!


Can You Help Us Find a Better Knife Storage System?
Good Questions

10/26/10 11:12 AM