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Change bedding and bed if possible! Some cultures believe that anything that is made of cloth that belonged to the person holds their energy long after.... other than that anything else can be smudged clean.

"Smudge" Home after Breakup?
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11/25/11 06:28 PM

What model range is that? Looks like something I have been looking for!

Caitlin's Small & Stylish Kitchen
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11/21/11 05:37 PM

I use to sculpt ARMIES of these as a child for our easter tradition! My grandmother would employ me to make them for all of her friends. My dead line was GOOD FRIDAY. I would swirl "butter fur" using a tooth pick, and use cloves for eyes.

Being Polish/Catholic it was a HUGE tradition to have our easter baskets blessed on Saturday before Easter. It was a time to make a fuss about your easter basket (decked out with the best kitchen towels, bread, salt and pepper shakers, easter eggs, etc...) and the butter lamb made the basket all the prettier. The idea is then you takes the blessed basket/food home to share for Easter with your family.

Although I no longer participate in this, I think of it every year and it brings back memories that are overall good. ((Quirky, but good.))

Butter Lamb for Easter: Traditional or Wacky?
4/20/11 09:34 AM

One of the parts is ALWAYS used daily in my kitchen. It hits the road with me when I am camping in my Tear Drop. ((The only two cook items pack besides a french press.))

Although my skillet is in a black coating. Does anyone know what it is made from? It doesn't act like Telfon.... does Le Creuset actually use Teflon???

Colorful & Two For One: Le Creuset Two-in-One Pans
10/27/10 07:40 PM

I noticed this problem IN the grocer that I purchase my rice from!

I ALWAYS store rice in the freezer. Period. That kills any possibility of hatching and the little guys fluttering around in there. Plus, rice (especially brown) has oils in it that can go rancid.

As for anything else, make sure the containers are airtight. Plus, bayleaves do help. I store a few bay leaves in my pasta, barley & dog treat containers.

How Can I Get Rid of Rice Weevils?
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10/26/10 09:34 AM