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I second the Etsy reco from little sapling toys, my 13 month old son loves his.

Fun, Attractive & Affordable Rocking Horse
Good Questions

6/13/11 03:48 PM

where can one get these?

Using Quantity To Make A Statement
4/20/11 01:23 PM

My vote is for ANYTHING from Little Sapling Toys on Etsy. My boy has their blocks, rocking horse etc. The stuff is crafted beautifully and will last a lifetime.


Unique Non-Baby Baby Gift
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4/7/11 03:15 PM

I love this seller on etsy. My little boy's room is decorated with prints from her store(including the hippo and the giraffe). She is amazing to work with.

Handmade Screenprinted Prints From Strawberry Luna
3/30/11 12:45 PM

I adore little sapling toys too. Their products are amazing, and your little one will be able to play with the blocks too. Their finish is incredible.

Source for Single Alphabet Blocks
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3/25/11 04:15 PM

absolutely love it. brought a smile to my face instantly!

Calendar Girl: Sophia's Monthly Baby Photo
3/3/11 01:46 PM

love it! i have a tree in my boy's room and have antique wooden birds on the wall. the bird house will be a perfect addition. :)

Peek-a-Boo Birdhouse Lamp
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2/17/11 01:24 PM

Love love love this product. I give it to mums to be as gifts and they always think it odd;)

The Snot Sucker

1/10/11 04:45 PM

Just wanted to say thank you to all the souls who gave me suggestions on the right baby doll for my boy.

Boy Baby Dolls
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12/21/10 09:37 PM

I was terrified of it as a kid. even now when Ilisten to it, i get a little scared:) I love it though.

The One Album Every Family Should Own
11/29/10 09:11 PM

Thank you all for the great suggestions. As I needed it to be a temporary solution and not a permanent one, I settled on the following paper.

Will likely do some with the koi fish side and some with the scale side. Very excited!

Sources for Paper to Line a Closet
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10/26/10 10:59 AM