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So so smart. Kudos!

Before & After: A Bunch of Old Pallets Gain Purpose
5/5/14 01:10 PM

This is not a paint suggestion (I personally find wall colors rarely draw my eye away from something I hate), but if I lived there, I would take down the cabinets over the sink, microwave and the skinny one between the two, and put up two white shelves. (The one above the microwave might be supporting the microwave, so you might have to leave that.) Upper cabinets are very often just screwed into the wall, and can be put up when you leave. The small nature and location of those don't seem to offer much storage that couldn't be found elsewhere, and removing the cabinets in your line of sight would make it easier to ignore the rest of the cabinets. Then I would leave everything else in there white, with maybe black accents, so you have a natural wood, white and black color scheme going on, which really looks fantastic together, and still feels airy.

How To Tone Down the Brown in My Kitchen? Good Questions
3/18/14 02:17 PM

When you buy an ikea frame (new) it comes with tiny "L" brackets. Thats is what those are for! They screw into the frame, and into the back, and you attach them to the top and bottom (depending on how you hang it) and it prevents the frame from warping.

I assume you dont still have those, but you could potentially go to Ikea and ask them at the returns desk. They sometimes have/can give you for free small part that you might be missing. Otherwise, check out the hardware store for a very small L bracket (look by the picture hanging supplies) to see if they have any!

Ideas for Fixing a Sagging Frame? Good Questions
1/15/14 05:08 PM

Yes, it's very cool, but if you're not going to invest in reupholstering it soon, it's just an unusable pice of furniture you're just 'meh' about. I completely understand not wanting to miss out on something great, but there are a lot of great weird chairs out there if you are really ready to look. Upholstery prices vary locally, but you'd be looking at about 300-400 I'd guess, not including fabric. Classes are a great way to do one chair if you're at all inclined, but most classes are about $300 anyway, so look into cost vs benefit there.

Should I Keep Found Chair? Good Questions
10/28/13 11:09 AM

I know, right?!?! It freaked me out too. :)

Suggest A Similar Bright & Colorful Rug?
Good Questions

4/26/11 12:40 PM

OMG I have the perfect rug! I want these for myself, it's super similar! Not *quite* as much yellow. But definitely enough to pull it together. And you can choose your size!


Suggest A Similar Bright & Colorful Rug?
Good Questions

4/25/11 03:30 PM

I have that same backsplash in my apartment, and you can absolutely paint it. Just use a good adhesive primer! I would leave the stainless steel trim as it, it's a cool detail and will go with your open shelving.

As for the counters-if you want SUPER CHEAP, you can paint them, Seriously. I have done it, (adhesive primer, paint, seal with poly based sealant) and it has been in awesome condition *for the last 8 years*. You could paint it charcoal grey, with the light blue walls and stainless it would look amazing. OR if you had a little bit more money IKEA has butcher block slabs for inexpensive that I have used that absolutely are worth it. (And very 1920s.)


Fresh coat of paint on the cabinets, new hardware and it will look awesome for cheap.

Ideas for Remodeling 1920s Kitchen?
Good Questions

10/25/10 01:40 PM