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Well, since you cant paint, this most likely would not work for you but, for everyone else with 80's oak cabinets you might be able to do what I did with mine. I realized that the inside of the cabinet doors were basic shaker style! I turned the doors around (put the inside on the outside), painted them white, added modern brushed silver handles & hardware and voila - modern looking cabinets!

I had to paint the cabinets due to some filler needed on the old inside of the doors and also due to the places where the hardware was originally installed. Used a spray gun to apply the satin finish paint to get a really smooth look. Depending on how your "insides" look, you might be able to get away with not painting? I also installed a white/gray solid surface countertop and glass tile backsplash and now I love my kitchen.

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3/24/11 04:55 PM

@EyeHeartNOLA - I so agree with you about preserving the apartment (with a print of the painting in place). When traveling I always choose to go to the houses that are now museums - I love to see how people lived and what the decor was like.

This story has such a romantic feel about it - I would love to know more details - does anyone know anything more regarding the woman and her grandmother???

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10/26/10 12:43 AM

@SugarHoneyLove , I sit in front of the TV and rip out the magazine pages I want to keep and put them in plastic sleeves in 3 ring binders. I have a separate binder for each subject (recipes, décor, crafts, gardening, travel, etc...) with dividers in each binder to further organize each subject. Once I’m done, I recycle what’s left of the magazines.
With the actual magazines, I could never find the articles I was looking for – now I can find things easily. I like the scanning idea too, but I haven’t converted over completely to the computer - I still like the tactile feel of a “book” in my hand. The most effective thing I’ve done is cut way down on the magazines I buy and subscribe to. Less stuff means less to deal with in the long run!

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10/26/10 12:32 AM