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I'm curious for solutions too. My bathroom tile is equally heinous.

Help for "Horrible Tile" in My Rental Apartment?
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3/30/12 01:23 PM

We sanded and whitewashed the floors of my parents' kitchen after some water damage. Six months later we just put down new laminate. The white floors could not keep up with four kids and five dogs - they were pretty for about five mintues before they started to look like a hot mess...

Before & After: Floor from Worn Out to White & Bright
Modern Jane Design

10/4/11 11:40 AM

I'm not overly spiritual or religious, but even I wouldn't buy a house that a suicide took place in recently. It's just bad juju, mojo, vibes, or feelings.

Would You Buy a House with a Dark History?
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9/11/11 10:17 PM

I keep lists of all the TV series that my friends have recommended that I try out, but that I never have time to see. Then I usually binge on an entire season while I'm working. I watched all 3 season of Batman Beyond while striping wallpaper from my bathroom, Game of Thrones while painting and decoupaging my desk, and Fringe while painting my parents’ office.

Passing the Time During Time Consuming Projects
9/11/11 09:23 PM

I've always had my bed under a window, and I actually love it because it lets it some great light, and means that I never have to worry about what kind of art to hang above my bed. The view is better than anything I could buy, anyway.

I agree with what everyone else has said: curtains to frame the window. One of the users above pointed out that curtains would be tricky with your bed flush against the wall, and that's very true. My solutuion was to get a headboard (actually an entire bed frame) that was slatted, so that it didn't block the window and let the light shine through. Then, because I didn't have to worry about my pillows falling into the crack while I slept, I pulled the bedframe a few inches away from the wall, which allowed the sheers to hang naturally, and look grea with my new headboard!

How To Embrace Window Behind Bed?
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1/30/11 01:23 PM

Awesome. And I agree with the earlier comment - this is exactly the kind of room where you can pull off a black accent wall. It's expansive and has tons of light. Great job!

Brittany's "Fresh Findings" Room
10/24/10 12:58 PM

I like how the color doesn't take away from that awesome details of that fireplace, but I agree that the couch could use a bit of visual interest to break up the large swath of blue.

Lorena's "Cool and Cozy!" Living Room
10/24/10 12:55 PM

I love those red chairs, and good restraing on the color. Anymore of that dark blue and the room would've seemed too cavelike.

Anne's "A Shot of Red" Room
10/24/10 12:54 PM

So sweet! I love how the designer actually used the retro elements of the kitchen rather than just doing a complete overhaul and leaving it a modern mess. And that blue door is just fantastic.

Kay's "Don't Be So Serious" Kitchen
10/24/10 12:52 PM

Bold, but not so much that it overpowers the tranquility of the bathroom. Great use of color - I absolutely love it.

Jen's "Motley Missoni" Bathroom
10/24/10 12:47 PM

I really don't understand the vehement opposition that seems to exist towards anyone who paints any wooden furniture. Who's to say what the owner of the piece "should have" done to it - it's her's. Shouldn't the only thing that matters be whether or not she likes the result, and if it works with her decor?

Before & After: Mid-Century Dresser Repainted
10/24/10 12:37 PM