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Pillow Talk: Pillows for Long Distance Lovers
11/4/11 08:20 PM

Yes...I usually get paralyzed and do nothing, and get stuck going over the same options again and again without actually making a decision. My poor husband! He's been schlepping around to all sorts of tile shops with me so I could find just that "right" tile. Repeat for exterior house paint. Repeat for a sofa. Repeat for ceiling lamps. Repeat for nurseries (outdoor plants). I don't know how he does it!

Do You Suffer from (Design) Decision Fatigue?
The New York Times

8/20/11 02:13 AM

oops, 2nd to last one

Color Quiz: Which Color Family Are You?
The Color Cure

8/16/11 11:34 PM

Totally not fair! Everything in these pics looks awesome! I know I don't like floral but even I loved that last one.

Color Quiz: Which Color Family Are You?
The Color Cure

8/16/11 11:33 PM

What, no Eames? Just kidding! This is totally amazing! Thanks so much for sharing this with us! One of the best house tours ever!

Ephesus Terrace Houses: The Fanciest Homes in Turkey
House Tour

8/16/11 11:20 PM

While I don't doubt that the profits from knock-off/counterfeit/whatever you want to call them handbags and watches can be used for terrible things, I don't believe that a handbag and a MCM coffee table are quite the same thing. Many more people would recognize a luxury handbag or watch (and would actually care about it) than would even know what "MCM" means. I'm sure that crime lords realize this and would not waste their time poring over MCM furniture designs, as it is such a niche market. As long as it's not sold out of the back of a van by a sketchy guy in a hoodie, I'm pretty sure your knock-offs are a-okay.

And of course, there is the argument that stuff made in China (i.e., knock-offs) is inherently evil stuff to own. That's also true, but raise your hand if you're totally innocent...yeah, that's what I thought.

Should I Be Ashamed of My Furniture Knockoffs?
7/14/11 02:26 AM

I can't help finding it odd that so many people were so angry about using the covers of old adult books as postcards, and yet so many posters here would not hesitate to do essentially the same with children's books.

What's even weirder about this is that the pictures are arguably the most important part (to the "reader") of books written for very young children (most of whom could not read the content), whereas in adult books, the cover is the probably the least important part.

I'm not saying it's right or wrong, just very strange...

Before & After: Using Childrens Books as Art
3/13/11 01:53 AM

@Aaron - the RH one IS huge. Literally, it would almost be like a twin bed xlong.

@bepsf - thanks for helping us with our homework. It's very hard to avoid furniture not made under questionable conditions that is still affordable (and this stuff is probably expensive anyway) but we should at least try. :)

Ethnicraft: Solid Wood Furniture
Maison & Objet 2011

1/29/11 01:41 AM

@pomuk - My advanced apologies for my lack of terminology about blinds! :)

Okay, here we go...If there is a valance (a horizontal piece going across the top that looks "decorative" or hides hardware), it will probably be clipped on with plastic clips. Remove it from the clips and once you take it down you will see that the blind slats and strings hang from a horizontal metal piece (that the valance covers up).

At either end of the horizontal metal piece you should see these little box-shaped things that are holding it up. Each end of the horizontal metal piece goes inside one of the box-shaped things. The front underside of the box-shaped things have a latch. You have a press a piece in while pulling the front side of the box-shaped thing forward and up. The box-shaped thing should open and you should be able to pull the horizontal metal piece (which is holding up the strings and slats) out of the box-shaped thing. If you do this for all of the box-shaped things, you can just pull the blinds straight out.

If you have an outside installation (usually will be screwed into the wall above the window opening), it might be different but after replacing all the blinds in my house it seems that this is pretty standard, regardless of the installation.

Good luck to you!

Dusting the Blinds: An "Oh, Duh!" Moment
12/24/10 04:32 PM

Sorry, but not seeing the beauty here. There is a reason why cheap materials are covered in laminate. No, laminate is also not beautiful but it doesn't look like it will give you a huge splinter either!

Minimalist Furniture Inspired by Streetcorner Finds
12/9/10 02:37 AM

Mmm, not loving all the pink but I love the loft!

Industrial Loft — in Pink!

12/9/10 02:15 AM

I've never done a gingerbread house before. Do they have mid-century designs in pre-fab or would that be a DIY project?

Gingerbread House Style: DIY or Pre-Fab?
12/6/10 10:44 PM

@marcellah & anniekins - couldn't agree with you both more! Amen! Ignore the haters. If we had the time and inclination we would have figured it out too. :)

@lotusmoss - great idea! I had some other organizational scheme going on but this is much better. Thanks for sharing!

How To Fold a Fitted Sheet Video
12/6/10 10:37 PM

I'm sure it's true that wine tastes differently in differently-shaped glasses...to people who know what they're tasting. But some of us just like wine and if it tastes good we drink it and if it doesn't we don't drink it. Pardon my coarseness.

Advice on Wines and Stemware
11/24/10 06:59 PM

OMG I love that bench! Where do you find the hardware for the underside?

Before & After: From Fence Posts To Foxy and Fabulous
The Brick House

11/24/10 06:19 PM

@aaron able - Totally agree! Dario Argento films are awesome for set design and creepy stories!

10 Scary Movies with Wicked Décor
11/1/10 01:52 AM

I love your bookcase and dining room table! My dad once made all our furniture from 2 x 4's back in the 70's and it didn't look nearly this cool!

Jeremy's Endless Energy and Resourcefulness
House Tour

10/27/10 11:42 PM

I love this! Great job Meg! Even though not all the wood is showing, some of it is and that's a good compromise. I don't think it's wrong to show a painted/colored surface. Eames did it - why can't you?

Before & After: Mid-Century Dresser Repainted
10/24/10 02:12 AM


There is also a line of shelving that hangs from a track called Elfa. You can find it at http://www.containerstore.com/elfa/index.html

It's not solid wood but you're supposed to be able to set a large-screen TV on them. And the best part is that they are customizable in the ways that you will want them to be.

Best of luck!

How To Declutter Your Home
10/24/10 02:02 AM

To all of you lovers/haters of books:

Books are very personal. Everyone is going to have their own feelings about them and that's okay.

That said, I read a LOT. I thoroughly enjoy reading and having a ton of books around me is just part of the space I like to be in. This does not make me "intellectually insecure" (what nonsense!). And I do have to agree with the posters who alluded to America's literacy/educational problem. If we would tear ourselves away from TV, we could increase our attention spans and learn new things that are...wait for it....ACTUALLY USEFUL FOR SOMETHING.

We can increase our vocabularies.
We can learn to communicate better in writing because it will be modeled for us.
We can have more thoughtful and thought-provoking discussions with each other.
We can learn about history so we don't repeat past mistakes.
We learn how to do stuff. The ready-made world has taught us that we can't do stuff. But we can. We just have to learn how.

Anyway, it's for these reasons - and many more - that I believe books are invaluable and not prominent enough in American culture.

And if you hate books or don't care about them as much as I do, that's fine. Just don't tell me how to feel about them and absolutely don't tell me I'm "intellectually insecure" because I value them.

How To Declutter Your Home
10/24/10 01:56 AM